Top 5…In case you missed them.

Here are the Top 5 Most-Read Blog Postings.  And a second chance to read the posts, in case you missed them:

1.  How to Keep the Romance Alive-or kill it!  Your hair may choose

*A blog posting on what or what not to do to keep your romance alive and to help your loved one feel special.

2.  Marital Un-Bliss and Lack of Sleep Had a Devastating Effect on My Eyebrows

*A blog posting on a marital fight and a rash decision…not going the way it was planned.

3.  My New Chevy Camaro

*A blog posting by my husband on helping your children realize their true legacy in God.

4.  Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater…Oops:

*A blog posting about coal living and adventures in Poland.

5.  I Am a Tiger That Has Earned Her Stripes…Roar!

*A blog posting about a jeep man that pulled me over.  Let’s just say, I contained my road rage, but a funny picture did flash through my mind!


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