Goodbye and Hello

Over the last five years, I have come to you at And 2 Makes Crazy sharing my heart and humor.

Thank you, well over 100 countries across 6 continents, for joining me on this journey.

You have been my confidants. My friends. My warm hugs. And my sympathy through tears.

I’ve shared my family. My marriage. My children. My battles. And my losses. Hopefully with heaps of laughter along the way.

You, my crazy friends, have helped this momma survive very sleepless nights.

You have helped this wife survive the battlefield of love.

And you have helped this Christian live in humility with passion.

I’m starting a new chapter. It’s one that closes this blog and begins academia.

I’m way too tired. Have a hard time finding the minutes. And seem to barely get the homework assignments off on time.

But I’m doing it. And this is the perfect new chapter for me. So, at the end of this week, And 2 Makes Crazy will quietly go offline and slip, hopefully with warm fuzzies, into our memories.

Goodbye, And 2 Makes Crazy. Thank you for keeping me sane in the midst of crazy.

Hello, New World! I look forward to the challenge of you!

I will always love you, friends! Thanks for all the reads.

Xoxo b — the true part of the crazy

And, thanks, Richie, for allowing me to publish our lives together. You are truly a saint that drives me crazy (smile and wink). I heart you, babe! Forever yours, b

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