Top 5…In case you missed them.

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My new Chevy Camaro!

Yes, I am Richard, the husband of the wonderful Brooke.  Yes, I will attempt to write on her blog this week.  Notice the word attempt…I’ll do my best. 

I could not have asked for a better wife, friend, partner, and lover.  Brooke, I love you. 

And yes, you read it right…my new Chevy Camaro!  Here are the pictures to prove it:



Okay, now that I have your attention.  And, yes, like all dreams, we have to wake up and return the car to its rightful owner. 

I don’t really own a Chevy Camaro, but, if anyone ever wanted to donate one, I would be happy to get you your tax deduction ;).

This past weekend my daughter Adelyne and I traveled to see my grandmother (my mother’s side of our family) who is 92-years-old in Sacramento, California.  She is my last living grandparent by blood (Brooke has one grandparent left on her side of the family too).  We were also able to visit the “Ranch” in Placerville, California where our great, great grandparents settled back in 1856.  Gold Rush and Gold Fever ran rampant through parts of California, especially in Placerville. 

In fact, there is still gold in them there hills! 

It was so much fun taking Adelyne to see and experience a lot of my childhood memories of where I grew up playing with and being loved by such great and awesome grandparents. 

I would have to say that my grandparents are gold.  So precious and so rare to have had the opportunity to even know them.  They are legendary!

I took Adelyne through her great-grandparents’ house on the ranch on Saturday.  We walked to the back of the house where the master bedroom was located.  Adelyne turned on the light and looked into their closet.  She saw some of her great-grandmother’s dresses and started to proclaim, “Wow…Wow…Wow…WOW!  These dresses are so beautiful.  Dad, why didn’t she take these to heaven?”

I love the innocence of a child.  I proceeded to remind Adelyne that we couldn’t take anything to heaven.  Once we die, nothing material that we have will come with us (not even a Camaro).

But the one thing that we can take with us is the hope that one day our children, families, friends, neighbors, and even strangers will hear and accept the hope that we have in Jesus. 

Take the time today to be bold and talk about the hope that you have in Jesus.  It just might be legendary to your children, grandchildren, and beyond. 

And, then, you may hear…

“There is God in them there hills,” they will say!


Here Adelyne is panning for gold with her cousin Grace

(Cousin Andrew’s leg also made an appearance)