Zambia’s children have stolen his heart…


Can you spy him?

Do you see his smile?

When he was 19, he went to work in Kenya for 3 months.  He went mostly into the bush areas, some where he was one of the first “Muzungu” ever seen.

He loved his work.  And he fell in love with Africa.

When we had been married a year, he went to work in Uganda for 6 weeks—this time working with street children.

He loved the work.  And, again, he fell in love with Africa.

One of the greatest things about our work in Poland is that my husband is the pastor of an international church.  Through it, we have the best of the entire world—each continent is represented every Sunday in service (Well, let’s say Antarctica does not make it to church, lol).  Which means—Rich doesn’t always have to travel to Africa, because Africa also comes to Poland!

But this trip, Rich got to partner up with ITMI, South Africa, the Kellers, and Zambia.  They traveled across croc and hippo waters and went into villages where very few outsiders traverse.

I won’t share too much—because Rich will be back this week to guest blog (before he leaves, once again, for Africa—Botswana this time to perform a wedding for our beloved Seun).

But I do hope that you will stay tuned for pictures, stories, and the general excitement of God’s love for people all around the world.  Focus:  Zambia.

Hope your Sunday was great.

With my husband home, I would like to definitely say that there are officially 2—and we are crazy.

Hope you are too!

4 thoughts on “Zambia’s children have stolen his heart…

    • Oh thanks! It’s quite the different life. At least for my husband and I. My daughter fits right in. She said that sometimes I am too loud and need to take it down a notch 😉 haha! Hugs from Poland to you, b


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