Richard & Brooke



He is a pastor.  I am a wife.

He is the daddy.  I am the mommy.

On top of that, we are both international speakers.  Authors.  And advocates-working tirelessly to help Rescue the Forgotten.

Everything we do is because we love God first.

But, and this is very important, you should also know…

There are 2 of us. And we’re crazy. We have messy children. And they’re crazy. And we love God. But we don’t always keep it together. Hopefully, however, you can be encouraged to be the best YOU possible! Even if that’s crazy.

Enjoy the reads.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Richard and Brooke

3 thoughts on “Richard & Brooke

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  2. Just wanted to say thank you for taking such great care of the Valentines we sent you ☺️ Please allocate hugs from me each time you see them! Praying for your families & that the Lord will continue to change hearts in Poland.

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