Chicken paste, stolen bags, elderly ladies with purses, and quiet trams … Life in a foreign country!

Twenty years ago I was 25. No, I am not 45 now. I am 44 again. Next year, I will be 44 again again. You get it (smile and wink).

Anyhow. At 25, I was so mature. Prepared. Experienced. Professional.

Now I am unsure. Clumsy. Ridiculous. And a hot mess!

In both varying decades of my life, I would like to say, however, that I am still adventurous.

And still loud (#truth).

Anyhow, hope that you will click on the FB link below – it takes you to my personal page and my tribute to our 2 decades of Polish living!

Here’s to decade 3 — It begins tomorrow!

In the meantime, enjoy the rambling memories of a young woman that went on a cultural adventure, halfway around the world!

Xo b

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