Rescue the Forgotten

Hey, And 2 Makes Crazy Friends!  We’re ready to buy some dirt in Ivory Coast for a beautiful transition to a new school!  Help us in this first phase—the purchase of DIRT!

We need the land to begin our building.  We already have the school all planned.

Join us, won’t you?!  Be an angel and help us #rescuetheforgotten!

Also, enjoy the new video clip from TVP that played all around the world.  We love our work.  We love our team.  We love you!

Thanks for buying a piece of dirt (Oh, and it doesn’t matter where you come from around the world, because you can still give! Woo hoo!)

Click here to give:  Zostan Aniolem (Be an Angel) SCHOOL IN IVORY COAST

Now enjoy our summer international news clip:

Help us Rescue the Forgotten!

Share with your friends, your places of work, your children’s school classrooms, your Bible studies, Sunday school classes, and churches.

Together we can always do more!

Again, help us Rescue the Forgotten.