My daughter the DJ???

Look.  I have really big plans for my daughter’s life.  Good plans.  Like:  I want her to be an amazing doctor and rock the science world plans.

She wants to be a Music DJ.

My family loves this idea and encourages her independent and creative spirit.

Will someone please tell my family to stop talking (smile and wink).

She is 11.  I am sure her passions will change another 100 times—and while I will be cheerleading her medical future (???), I am so glad there will be another crowd cheerleading her creative passions.  

That means, in the end, my daughter is surrounded on all sides by a bunch of really great peeps that want the ultimate BEST for her.  

To be whomever God has created her to be. 

And that is exactly as it should be (insert heart emoji here).

Mic drop.  I mean—earphones off.  

Future DJ Medical Doctor Momma out.

Beep.  Beep.  Beep.

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