Lost at Sea

I am totally partial to this place where this music video is shot—although you don’t see much of it.  It’s the New Life Center, the realized dream of my husband, which is a transition home we started in Poland, for men transitioning off of the streets, out of prisons, and out of rehab centers.  A place where men learn to live again.

It’s my favorite place here on earth.

And at this place—that has stolen my heart—an amazingly talented friend recorded an unbelievable song, “Lost at Sea

Yep.  It’s amazing.

Wes Reece is extremely talented—his voice raw—and the words to his song “Wow”

And, although this song was not written for the New Life Center, I can’t help but think that so many words in it are beautifully penned for these men…

Words such as, “…we’re looking for lost survivors.”

And “…to give up hope comes at a cost.”

“…well, I can’t fight the feeling that someone’s still looking for me.”

Enjoy the song, my friends.

I know it will bless your socks off!




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