When you give up reality TV for your sanity.

our home

My husband, kiddos, and I were suppose to appear on a rather popular reality TV show that shall remain nameless—but I will tell you that it does involve looking to purchase a home when you live in a foreign country.

It is one of my all-time favorite reality TV shows.  In fact, when I was pregnant and at the doctor’s office like one gazillion times a week, I would sit in the office and watch bucketloads of this show.

My daughter, Adelyne, was super duper thrilled at the prospect of appearing on this show because she loves the limelight.  Or, pretty much, any shade of light that shines upon her—even if when in front of it she becomes shy.

My husband, Richard, was as excited as I was because it would be GREAT publicity for sharing about our passion for rescuing the forgotten (www.rescuetheforgotten.com)!

And our littles, Maxwell and Josephine, well, unless they were going to meet Elmo, they were pretty much apathetic about it all.  Go figure.

But, you see, a lot of things took place right before the show.  I had unexpected travels—couple that with, when I returned, my husband was to travel.

It was the dead of winter.

And, most devastating of all, our home would be packed and unpacked in a day.

Did I mention that it was the dead of winter?  This is not the tropics, my friends.  Not.The.Tropics.

Needless to say, as much as I wanted to be on the show—with pretty much all of my obsessed heart—we had a choice to make:

Proceed with the show OR give up my big and littles (because I just couldn’t foresee handling it all).

We decided to keep two things:  My sanity and the little stinkers.  So, we had to contact the show and tell them we were not the subjects we had hoped we would be for their show.  They graciously accepted our denial and informed us if we move to another country and look to purchase a home to keep them in mind. (Total bummer because if we move again and look to purchase a home, we won’t qualify for this show because we’d be moving back to the good ol’ US of A)  But it was even more confirmed affirmation how this show totally rocks.  I knew I hearted that show!  Even gracious in our non-acceptance of appearance.

But, really, my friends, I challenge you today to ponder this:

Perhaps there is something out there amazingly awesome that you can participate in.  It may even be super fun and even benefit your work.  And, yes, truth be told, I even thought it might increase my Twitter following.  Oh, wait.  Is having 78 Followers considered a following?  More like my Twitter slight breeze (smile and wink).  But in all reality (see, there is that word again), when you come to that crossroad in your life between uber fame (now you know that I am exaggerating) and sanity—choose sanity.

Fame only lasts 15 minutes anyway!

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven…  

Ecclesiastes 3:1

3 thoughts on “When you give up reality TV for your sanity.

  1. I didn’t even know you were considering a show!!! Glad you decided to keep your sanity! And, my favorite part of the article is when you said your next move is back to the USA!!!! We can’t wait to welcome you with open arms!

    Liked by 1 person

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