You lose electronics for a YEAR!!!! Grrr…


How can such sweetness make Momma go mad?

Okay, so by now you probably understand that I am a bit of a drama queen.  Unless you’re a new reader.  Then there is still hope that you find me a bit normal.



I wish.

Anyway, here’s the story.

My daughter loves to listen to Adventures in Odyssey at night as she is going to sleep.  They really are brilliant radio dramas made for children.  And they always teach great lessons.  About Jesus.  Can’t.Beat.That.

Problems: My daughter really, really loves these shows.  They are a bit addicting.

BUT === a few nights ago (the fateful night before she lost ALL electronics), I covered her up, and, before praying for the evening, said to her, “You can listen to ONE Odyssey.  How many can you listen to tonight?”

In the still and small beautiful voice of our precious firstborn, “One.”

“Okay.  So, you understand Mommy.  Only one Odyssey tonight.”

“Yes, one, Mommy.”

And we prayed.

The next morning she shuffles to the breakfast table looking especially tired.

“Adelyne, how many Odysseys did you listen to last night?”

“Two.”  (Although she manages to do many things that need correcting, she is an honest one, this gal!)

Anyhow, despite her honesty, my morning lion mane stands straight up.  Er.  It was already doing that.  So, my face grows red, I elevate out of my chair, and I explode.

Okay, I probably just needed my morning coffee and Bible.  But since I had neither, my morning was not yet off to the right start.

“WHAT?!”  It’s as if she just told me she dropped out of school.

“That’s it!  You’ve lost electronics for the REST OF THE MONTH!”

“Television.  GONE!  Radio station of your choice.  GONE!  Your Nook.  GONE!  Don’t ask to play on our phones!  When your brother is watching cartoons, you are in the OTHER ROOM!”

And I continue the lecture with having listening ears and doing as you have been asked and …

Oh my.  The lecture went on.

Poor 9-year-old girl!

To top it off, I told her that when she returned from school that day I would have an ENTIRE list of things she has L-O-S-T posted on the window by the kitchen table.

“What else will I lose, Mommy,” she asked.

I had no answer yet for this ridiculously over-exaggerated disciplinary action that I was dishing out, so I said, “I don’t know yet. I will have to think about it all day and POST it for you tonight!”

Literally.  GAG!  What a drama queen.

Needless to say, my husband was over there thinking, “Oh my, what a drama queen.”

And, after my daughter left for school, I realized that I am sometimes.  Just sometimes.  I am a little too much.

So, right now she is on Day 3 of no electronics like I mentioned above.  She is doing GREAT at it.  She hasn’t even complained once.

I know…she really is AMAZING!

She is reading more, playing more, dancing and singing to Max’s music more (Max’s music because he gets to choose the station—and it is always Old McDonald station).  Ultimately, she is still  having so much fun.

It’s amazing that we live in such an electronic world that kids forget that there are other things to do, right?

In the end, my punishment DID NOT fit the crime.  I was WAY too crazy.  And I am NOT taking away electronics for an entire month—Momma DOES need her sanity.

This blog post is proof of that 😉

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