To new mothers, I have news for you: You will not receive the Mom Award


I was told last night at dinner by Josephine that she was not going to give me a “Mom Award” if I made her eat her dinner…

I looked at her with eyes of Superman steel, pointed to her seat, told her to get back in it, and that with or without that “Mom Award” I would survive just fine.

She sat back in her chair and told me that she “Doesn’t love Mommy and I wouldn’t get a cookie,” to which I replied, “I will also survive.”

She knew she was not winning any battle with her words, so she sat.

Mom Award?  That’s right, I’ll give it to myself.

The three year old sat, ate, and even climbed in my lap for books, where she promptly snuggled up and went to sleep.

In Mom’s arms.

Josephine may not have awarded me the Mom Award last night, but, you see, we did not become moms for awards.  We became moms to raise little people right.  To be their moms.  Not their buddies.  Not their friends.  Not the coolest person on the block.

Now, mind you, our block only has 3 houses, so I just may be the coolest person on the block (smile and wink in exaggeration, of course).  But you get the point.

So, if your children do not award you the “Mom Award,” don’t run to your room crying.

Don’t beg them for it.

Don’t bring them the paper to make you the Gold Star to go on top.

Just accept it.

They’ll cuddle into your arms later, no matter what.

Because, even award-less, you are still their safest place.

And that is award enough for me.


Free hint: When I am not using personal photos or photos my husband took, I use the site Pixabay where you will find copyright-free images.  Check it out.  I hope it will prove to be a useful site to you, too.

4 thoughts on “To new mothers, I have news for you: You will not receive the Mom Award

  1. There is only 1 true Mom award and it is not a plaque, statue, gold star…..shocking I know! The true Mom Award will be given by our Lord to the Mothers’ who laid a solid foundation of the Word of God, teaching our children to love God, to know God and ultimately to know Him as Savior and Lord. I never sought to get an award from my children, rather I sought the Lord to lead, teach and enable me (a sinner, flawed and lost, doomed to failing without Him) to do what He tells us to in His Word. Train up your child in the ways of the Lord….not perfectly but as best we can with His help. Am I perfect? NO! Do I think I am an Awesome, Amazing Mom? NO! Only a sinner saved by grace,….and the goal is still there to train up my children, till they stand as adults….and to support them as they seek to train their children….all to the Glory of God. I made plenty of mistakes, we all do yet I am richly blessed by the Lord, knowing that with His help, I have done what I could and continue to strive to know Him better and to train my grandchildren. Praying for you as you are on the adventure of Motherhood. 🙂 Blessings to you all. In Christ’s love, Vicki

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