Yesterday I dated an ASU cheerleader…Richard blogs!

Daddies, date your daughters!

Yesterday, I was able to take my daughter to the ASU ladies’ volleyball game against the Utah Utes.  The game was a lot of fun.

We screamed, chanted, danced, laughed, sat with Sparky, and even had volleyball lessons from the ASU players after the game accompanied by autographs.

ASU did lose that day, but this daddy won with his little ASU cheerleader!


Dads, I guarantee it, every time you take your daughter out and spend time with her you will WIN too.

Not only is it time together, but it’s also an opportunity to build into your daughter’s character, showing her she is special, she is loved, and she is valuable.  She is worth your attention and time.  You have all the time in the world for her because she is your little girl!

Dads, I can’t say it enough, ‘Carpe Diem’ the days that you have with your daughter because, before you know it, one day too soon you will be walking her down the aisle and into a life and home of her own.

You don’t want to take that walk with missed opportunities.

So, while she still resides in your home, make sure to stop, smell the roses, pick a few for her, and take your daughter on a date.

In fact, don’t take her on one date, make it monthly.

You won’t regret it, and she won’t forget it!


Cousins, Ella and Kara, friend Katie, Uncle Casey, and, of course, Sparky!




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