First CRAZY Giveaway…Read on!


Totally stoked.  My husband was walking around in his “I love my awesome wife!” shirt today when he got so many compliments.  One woman even asked where she could buy it to give her husband some hints…

So today I am going to do something CRAZY!  Give 1 lucky person this awesome shirt!  Men—you can also win this for your wife!

Here are the rules.

1.  Sign up to follow and2makescrazy via email and THEN come back and write in comments that you did it—signed up.  If you are already signed up via email, simply write in comments that you are a Follower or the word Done!  Or any clever thing you want, honestly, like, “Give me the shirt!”  or “I really love my hubby!”  or “Win this one for the wife!”

2.  You can enter twice.  Want to know how?  Also go to And 2 Makes Crazy’s Facebook page and “Like” it.  Then come back and write in comments that you are done with that, too!  Or, if you are already a Facebook friend, just write, Facebook friend! in the comments.

3.  There you have it—two ways to enter and possibly be the lucky winner!

4.  Don’t worry what size the shirt is or WHERE in the world you live.  If you win, I will contact you personally via email and you can tell me size.  I will make sure it gets mailed straight to you—no matter the country!

5.  Giveaway ends Saturday, November 23rd, at 11:59pm.  At that time, I’ll have pick the winner.  Could it be YOU?!

What fun…

Get going, sign up today.  And “Like” us on Facebook.  But, remember, in order to be in the contest, you have to make sure that you COMMENT!

Also, feel free to share this with your friends so that they can enter, too.

Now, I’ll leave you with this…


16 thoughts on “First CRAZY Giveaway…Read on!

  1. Hi Brooke you 2 look great!

    Here is my story: My husband has always supported in what I wanted to do and encourage me to try new things.
    He’s always taken care the kids when he comes home and helps clean the house.
    He even cooks for us as he is the chef. I just tend to meds thing up. Lol!
    No matter how much I get things wrong or a goofball I get my hubby just says ” I love you sweet heart ! ”
    So how Awsome is that?!!

    Recently I made a decision that ultimately life changing and he supported me 200% !!!

    I can’t ask anymore. So I want my hubby and the whole world to know how much I love him!!!

    Tears of love and joy – Helena


  2. Facebook friend! 😀

    Love this shirt and want to show my hubby how proud I am of him.

    I truly won the lotto of the husband !!!!

    Lucky Wife,
    Helena 👫


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