America you are still getting it wrong about breastfeeding.

nursing at christmas with the entire family around

So the other day I stumbled upon an article that was scrolling on Yahoo (I believe). It mentioned something along the lines of breastfeeding at church.

I answered that I most certainly did. Such is life when you are teaching Sunday school and have a newborn baby.

Another article that was on the same thread, however, said that in Brazil someone can get fined for heckling a breastfeeding mother—and the woman that wrote implied that maybe it’s a good idea.

I responded that while I am not for fining people, we need to teach our children that breastfeeding is natural. My son finds breastfeeding so natural that he asks if he can also nurse GoGo Baby (my daughter).

The commenter following me was most visibly upset with my answer—she haughtily stated, (I’ll paraphrase) “I AM NOT OPPOSED TO BREASTFEEDING…” (oh really????) “BUT I DO NOT WANT MY SON TO BE ABLE TO DESCRIBE YOUR SHAPE AND COLOR OF YOUR BREAST IN DETAIL!”

Eye roll and GAG, please!

America…You are still getting it SOOO wrong and THIS is why it is this ridiculous issue.

Did you know there was a time that the ankle, shoulder or bare leg was considered taboo? Oooo-la-la too sexy?!

Tell me, do you wear shorts or flip flops? Do you wear tank tops?

I am fairly certain at some point in your day or wardrobe you are exposing such sexiness—you beast!

In my very STRONG opinion…If YOU stop making such a big deal about the breast of a nursing mother—especially in FRONT of your son—then when he asks, he will understand that you are feeding your baby and move right along and play.

But, NO, woman responder of mine. YOU are the reason that breastfeeding remains a taboo in America even though you VEHEMENTLY cry that it is not.


Above photo was me nursing at Christmas in Norway—no blanket—surrounded by family-my husband snapped while I was enjoying my moment.  I chose not to put other nursing pictures on for fear of a cyber lynching 😉  

In my opinion, however, they are some of my most favorite photos of moments in time with my babies.

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