American Ninja Warrior—Love that show!

Okay, seriously. I have absolutely no idea how long American Ninja Warrior has been around. BUT I did discover it this past summer when my kids and I were staying at my sister’s house while my husband was working in Poland.

And not only did I see it—I quickly got. What’s that word? Oh, yeah. ADDICTED to it.

It was so fun and suspenseful and JUST PLAIN exciting to watch.

It was as if I was the mom of the competitors. I nearly bit my nails watching them attempt or complete their runs.

I think there were even a few times that I actually jumped out of my seat or yelled out loud.

It, IT being American Ninja Warrior, is seriously one of the best shows I have ever seen on TV—reality or non-reality TV.

After that introduction, I now encourage you to see my childhood friend and his audition tape for the show.

First of all, you should know that he is practically one of the nicest guys you would ever meet. And his wife is simply stunning. And their children are as cute as can be. In fact, when we were both newlyweds, we lived in the same apartment complex—and then later our daughters were in the same grade at the same school.

It is a fun world sometimes, that is for sure!

With all of that said—his tape is awesome—and it would be awesome to sit on the side of my couch watching him compete for American Ninja Warrior.

Now I encourage you—sit back, watch his audition tape, and let’s just hope that he gets chosen.  Then we all can cheer Chad on as he competes for American Ninja Warrior.

That would be super fun.

I am pretty sure that you would agree.


Here’s the link:  American Ninja Warrior_Chad Brower