Murder versus peeing on the side of the road?


So, many people wonder what it is like living in a foreign country.

Today will be a short post, and I will share it through the eyes of my 8-year-old.

We were on a mommy & daughter breakfast date when we pulled into McDonald’s parking lot. And, for some odd reason, she asked “Murders are rare, Mommy, right?”

I looked at her. At 8, children can’t be so easily dismissed, so, trying to gauge her thought process, I counter-asked, “Are you afraid of being murdered?”

“No,” she responded.

So I asked the question differently, “Are you afraid of being murdered in Poland or were you afraid in Arizona?”

“Arizona is scarier,” she said, “Poland is a nice country.”

And then she continued, and, like I said, it’s hard to follow the thought-process of an 8-year-old…

“But it’s dirtier. Like people pee on the sides of the buildings.”

Insert chuckle here.

You see, she has seen this take place countless times right outside of the very apartment she lived the first half of her life. And, well, and she pretty much sees it on a near daily basis still today: at the lake, at parks, in town.  So you have to give the 8 year old freedom to express her own thoughts.

Which brings me to this, since my 8-year-old brought it up, one day as we were driving down the road, my sister-in-law, Coralanne, Adelyne, and I saw a fat man literally peeing into the road.  Yes, I said “into” the road.

It made us think of Tommy Boy, the movie. And the instance where Chris Farley put on David Spade’s jacket and started singing, “Fat man in a little coat…” (or something along those lines)

Both my sister-in-law, Coralanne, and I started laughing and singing at the same time, “Fat man peeing on the side of the road!”

It’s one of Adelyne’s favorite songs to this day.

So, what’s it like living in a foreign country?  Well, if you can put up with a little extra public urination, it’s, in the words of Adelyne, “…a nice country!”

For which she is very, very glad to be living in once again.  Especially because here, in Poland, you probably won’t get murdered.