I don’t remember what I ate for breakfast. That’s okay.

My husband has been preaching for many years, and I remember nearly every sermon he shares. Perhaps because I am partial to his thoughts. Perhaps because I know his heart.

He shares in a matter-of-fact way.  He takes the Word of God and asks us to look at what it says.  He doesn’t embellish or dramatize it.  He keeps it at face value.

Once he asked one of our favorite friends what he preached earlier that week.  It was so fun to watch them squirm and move uncomfortably in their seats.  Until they finally squeaked out the answer.

It was such a fun “put you on the spot moment” that we (the 4 of us) still laugh about today.

But the thing is, Richard preached once about breakfast. And this is how it went…

Do you remember what you ate for breakfast this morning?  Yesterday?  A week ago?  A month ago?  A year ago?

For some of the answers, you may clearly be able to say, “Yes.  I remember what I had for breakfast today and yesterday.  A week ago?  A month ago?  A  year ago?  Nope.  No way!”

And Richard proceeded…Even if you don’t remember what you ate for breakfast a month or a year ago does not mean that WHAT you ate did not nourish you.

It nourished your body so that you had fuel to keep going.

The Word of God is like that.

Just because you don’t remember what it was you heard this morning, what it was your read yesterday, or even a month ago, does not mean that the Word of God is not at work nourishing and feeding your soul, acting as the fuel we need to keep going strong.

I try and begin each and every day in God’s Word.  By the end of breakfast, however, I have a hard time remembering my name much less what I read earlier that morn.  But I always recall what my husband said, “Just because I don’t recall what it was I read, does not mean that it did not act as a refreshing spring for my soul.”

Thankfully, I love to take notes while I read.  And, therefore, when I want to go back, I can look and see what spoke to my heart.

Today it was from the Message, and here is the passage:

passage from today

Friends, I pray that each day as you devour your breakfast you remember that while breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so is starting the day off with the Word of God.

And while we may neither remember what we ate nor what we read, we go into the day knowing we started it off right, “…with foundational words to build our lives upon!” (The Message Chapter 7)


Porn on Sunday…

Yep!  Porn on Sunday.  That’s how we roll here in the good ol’ State of Arizona!

Yep!  And I am unafraid to say it…Porn on Sunday!

Porn-o-graphy.  See I said it again.

But, since I’m unabashed to pretty much share any thought on any matter, let me say this…

I am not a fan of porn.  Pornography.  The industry.  Or supporting the rights of nudity for graphic pleasure or pay.

You may be.  Who knows.  I most likely don’t know you…nor you I.

So, this is my challenge.

Have a listen here:


Have a read here:


And, after you have, have a heart evaluation here:  (insert your photo here)

Porn on Sunday, friends…It’s as great a day to talk about the subject as ANY other day out there.

Be brave…Take a listen and a read.

Blessings for your day.

Caution:  Do not listen around children.  

*Updated:  February 24, 2014*

I am attaching a link to the Matt Walsh blog that he wrote on this subject on November 25, 2013.  He asks you to take a look at pornography and adultery.  It is a well-written and passionate post.  His last paragraph especially hits it home.  I hope that you take time to click and read.


Confessional Sunday: I am not Gisele Bundchen. Say what?!

I have to confess.  I really did intend to look like this the entire week my husband was home…


(c.photo: http://ninomunoz.com)

Well, okay….Much more ghostlier skin, bigger forehead, shorter hair, more freckles…But, you know, all glammed up and, well, pretty!   

After all, when my hubs was gone for 3+ weeks, I wanted him to come home and go, “Wow!  I missed Y-O-U!  Stunning Y-O-U!”  And follow it with a “Roar!”  You know all manly pursuit-like.

He did say, “Wow!” 

I’m figuring his “Wow” was probably about the unwashed children and the unkempt house…

Now, mind you, my mom did come while he was gone and do an extreme home “clean”over.  She is an angel. 

And, to be fair, in my rationale of “keeping a messy house messy”, I figured his suitcases would fill up our tiny farmhouse and then the laundry would take up the rest of the room, so maybe he wouldn’t “notice” the layer of grime, the piles of clothes, the floor in desperate need of a good hoover, or the dishes stacked in the sink…???

Back to his “Wow!”  He followed it by saying, “…The house looks great!”

What a liar.  I guess I can really learn to appreciate such spoken untruths. 

Confessional Sunday again—sometimes I think lying IS the right thing to do.  Especially when it means flattering me 😉

And, yes, while he was home for 6 days and 8 hours, we did manage to “Catch a Date”  (see here:  http://wp.me/p3Bh9m-ih).

But, since we’re on confession time, I gotta admit.  The only reason I had my hair or makeup done that day is because I was the guest speaker at a MOPS meeting (Had a blast, btw…spoke on this:  http://wp.me/p3Bh9m-hX).  The date, however, was spontaneous and totally something neither of us had time for since he was leaving within another 3 days and 8 hours again (for a month this time).  Yet we did enjoy our spontaneity and the bonus was that I was looking all delish for my hottie!

For the most part, however, my husband had to endure me like this for the majority of the week…


All hoarder and very un-Gisele looking, eh?!

Yes, this is the UPS picture from Facebook—but it is a rather typical depiction of my every day life.  Lol?

Man!  Even at the airport, this is how I sent him off.


Now, mind you, the redness and puffy eyes come from having to say goodbye to my baby girl…That’ll get any mommy puffy and red!

If I may, however, continue to confess, I must say that I have a good man at my side.

And, if you are probably being honest, you’re thinking, “What in the world does that man see in that…woman?!”

Sometimes even I don’t know…I guess I make great babies for him 😉

Or maybe it’s my spunk.

Definitely has something to do with my spirit.

In any case—I hope one day—about a year from now when Josephine has joined us outside of the belly and we’ve gotten past her non-sleeping days…I hope that is when I’ll return to Richie’s Babe!

In the meantime, perhaps I should just put pretty pics of me all around the house to remind him that “This too shall pass.”

This phase of the very unglamorous, very un-Gisele phase of me…will pass.

It will pass, right?

Confessional Sunday:  I hope so.  But.  I don’t know.

In the meantime, I love you, Richie!  Thanks for currently looking good for the both of us!

Xo,  Your B

P.S.  Yes, that’s me in the sweats and tank top.  No.  I have not showered yet today.  Yes.  I know that Max took a nap.  But I sat on my bottom when he did that.  Oh, and ate.

P.P.S.  Thanks for not judging me.

And may this not only apply to our lives today, since it’s Sunday…


pic. via Joy of Mom on Facebook

While Maxwell is content in his bed playing over and over and over his musical book (Away in the Manger…Yes, we’re festive all year here), I saw this while scrolling through Facebook.

I think this is where many of us go wrong—we have way too loud of lips.

BUT—I think it is where many of us, if we could just shut those lips up, could also go very right.

So, dear friends, may our lives preach more loudly than our lips today.  Every day.  Always.

Blessings on a beautiful Sunday for you.

And tune in tomorrow for a piece of Richard…Well, his mind and thoughts, that is.

(You can’t have a piece of him.  He’s all mine.  Yea!)