To The Mom of the Child That Constantly Runs around in Public Naked…

the naked kid

Did you ever see that child?  You know—the one in public NAKED as the day he was born?  Except it’s been a few years since he was born.

I have seen that kid around town A LOT lately.

He’s naked at the nearby lake.

He’s naked at the school playground.

He’s naked at a local transitional home for formerly homeless men.

He’s practically naked at church.

Yep.  I have seen that kid A LOT—and every time I see him, I wonder—WHY IN THE WORLD DON’T HIS PARENTS MAKE HIM PUT ON HIS CLOTHES?????

It drives me NUTS!

Literally NUTS!

And then I realize I am that naked kid’s mom.

And all of that public nudity is my problem.

And what am I going to do about it???

Well, considering I have two toddlers and no sanity—I guess naked he shall remain.

He won’t go to kindergarten like this, will he?


Summer Activities…Cheap and FUN!


Totally had planned on signing off of the blog, for the most part, until I was resettled in Poland…But I couldn’t pass up this brilliant link.

Here it is.  Yes.  Some activities take up a lot of space.  Some of them look a bit messy (sugar writing).  But all of them fun.

Cheap.  Creative.  Fun!

Have a click and a try.  Let me know what you do!

Signing off as the 1/2 of Crazy that resides in AZ…My better half has gone before us—Polska, baby!

xo for now…


Click and enjoy:

33 Activities for Kids that Cost Under $10