My Problem. I started to read. And some fun family photos.


I’ve started many posts.  Most of them are a bit deep.  Therefore, they require a bit more time and effort.  So, in the meantime, it’s been Spring Break and I have done something all-consuming.  Read!

It all started with that darn husband of mine.

He brought me home a love gift.  A book.  How dare he?  He is so sweet!

And so, of course, at midnight, I was burning the oil and reading.  It was awesome.  Then I really went and did it.

I started the Hunger Games.

Silly me.

Because now I had a real problem.  It was called an addiction.  Addiction to reading.  But I couldn’t just read the first book and put it down.  I had to read the second.  And then I had to buy the 3rd book and finish the trilogy.

Phew.  Now I’m done.

So, what have I done over Spring Break?  Read.  Every night…Way into the wee morning hours.  Isn’t Spring Break suppose to be for the children?

And, yes, I have a 2-month old.  Sleep should have been vital.  But knowing what happened to Katniss and Peeta, obviously more vitally important than my sleep.

Now what do I do?

Well, it’s obvious to me.  Besides my Bible, I think I shan’t pick up a new book for a while.  After all, Adelyne starts back to school again tomorrow.  Yep.  Real responsibilities will await me.  Like getting my daughter her lunch packed and getting her to school on time.  Not in her pajamas.

So, here’s to new read-less nights and some fun family photos courtesy of our awesome friend Daniel Pan from Taiwan.

To sum it up…It was a great Spring Break.  I would read it all over again.

XO for now,