We could all use a little Southwest humor here and there…


I fly over the contiguous United States and then the ocean.  And it doesn’t matter how much I have made the journey, I still NEVER like it.  It doesn’t help that many of the airlines are stiff and serious and rude and cramped and crowded and take your overhead luggage and stick it underneath, breaking all the valuables you were carrying in your overhead so that they WOULDN’T break…

I never, ever, ever get used to the long transcontinental journey.  And I seldom enjoy flying.

I don’t have a fear.  But I don’t have a love for it.

My daughter has no fear and great love.

My husband has no fear but is realistic about service so has hesitant love.

My little son doesn’t remember…

And my newest has never been.

Regardless of my feelings and flights and impending transcontinental journey, this news article today made my day.  I think if she was my stewardess (do we call them that?), I would smile a bit before my flight.  No.  I take it back.  I am sure I would be the loud laugh-out-loud passenger recorded on the video.  And I would appreciate her.  And the captain that let her put the cabin at ease.

After all, a big metal bird in the sky is not for everyone…

But a good laugh is.

Enjoy the brilliant safety-talk humor.

Click here:  Southwest Safety Talk Humor