When your husband is wrong…again!

Ugh!  It makes me sooooo angry.

That’s right, folks!

My inner-wife monster comes out.

I knew it all along.

I should have done the cake mix 1 box at a time and NOT tried to double the recipe like my husband suggested to save time.

Now I have completely DRY…let me reemphasize that…D.R.Y. cupcakes.  All because of my husband.


Yes, I said it.  In cyberspace.  THAT MAN!


What’s that, Richard?

Did I add the water?

The box didn’t say to add water.  I’ll prove it to you…(digging through disgusting trash to stick it to him)



Did I say, “When your husband is wrong…again?!”  I meant to say, “When your husband’s WIFE is wrong…again!”


Happy 8th birthday, Sweet Adelyne.  Hope you like your dry cupcakes.

Blame Mommy for that one.

Oops (Walk of Mommy shame—Daddy, of course, standing tall.  Proud as a peacock and smiling away while waiting for his.  You guessed it.  Apology!)

XO always to you, my Richard, for putting up with me 😉


Eight is Great!