Celebrating the Mad Scientist…


(c. Dan Pan photography)

Actually, he’s my dad!  And today is his 71st birthday.  If you ask Adelyne, she’ll tell you that he’s turning 213.  Yes—we’ve encouraged her wild imagination.  Perhaps at times too much?!

My dad is a classic Mad Scientist—brilliant and an outstanding educator—yet there are so many other things that I have also learned from my dad.

Here’s a few gems:

Have fun…Life is short!

Play with your children…Life is short!

Go on adventures with your spouse…Life is short!

He also taught us:

Work hard…

Serve others…

Give generously…

Love endlessly…

Honor your spouse faithfully…

And love God wholly…

Today, as we celebrate his 213th birthday, I want to encourage you to be like my dad, Mr. J!

1.  Always invest in the education of children.


2.  Don’t be afraid to jump off a mountain in Austria (even if you did just have your hip replaced and you are 65 years old).



Image3.  Cheer wildly for the local football team in a foreign country, in a language you don’t even know, on the City Hall steps at midnight, with a bunch of intoxicated fans…and have a blast doing so!


 4.  Dance freely in a 2,600-yr-old settlement in Poland with beautiful ladies.


 5.  And support your children wholly…every step of the way…into a life of their own.


(c. photo Bill Holmes)

Sto lat, Daddy.  We love you so!