Father’s Day—all bleached out!  

I can’t recall which site I saw this idea on, but it was so simply brilliant and beautiful, we had to do it for our daddy this Father’s Day!

Here’s what you need:

Bleach in a spray bottle

A cotton shirt for dad—dark colors work best

A hanger

Outside to spray

Contact paper

Your children — the offsprings of their daddy!

This is what you do:

You trace your child’s hand on the contact paper 

You cut it out and place it strategically on the shirt

You hang the shirt and go to a safe place to spray bleach

You spray around the hand and however much more if the shirt you want

You let hang dry for about 1 hour

You leave the contact paper on while you wash and dry the shirt in your laundry machines after it had about an hour of drying outside

You fold and give daddy the Best Present Ever!!!!

Additional information:

We cut a small heart in the handprint before we sprayed the bleach

We did a light gray shirt and it did not work well

We did our project with Daddy!  He had so much fun!  After we played a bunch of games while it all dried outside and then we gave it to him the next day one kid at a time, where he immediately stripped off the shirt he was wearing and replaced it with one of the shirts from his children. 

Happy Father’s Day Fun, Daddy!