Pregnancy “Tears”

Sorry, gentlemen…It’s a ladies moment today!

Truth.  I giggled when I saw this:


( Trimblecrafts)

I always heard the old wives’tale that once you give birth, you lose all control.

I thought they were talking about my mind.

Well, it turns out that you are so focused on the beauty of the life growing inside of you that you don’t realize reality until sometimes it is too late…

Like the “tears” that are running down your legs.

Yes, ladies.  Let’s be honest.

We may have that pregnancy glow that is breathtakingly beautiful…

But we also “cry” a lot.

So, to all pregnant and post pregnant ladies out there—

Here’s to a tear-free day to me!

And you.

And you.

And, yes, even you!  (You know, the woman that had the baby 10 years ago yet still “cries” a lot)…


Lunch for a Queen…Even when looking like a rag.

Love IS blind…

You know how sometimes they say that love is blind?  Well, you may honestly wonder if sometimes Rich is blind.

The other day my wonderful husband made his pregnant wife lunch—one of my favorites—eggs over easy, toast, and a perfect iced coffee with caramel.  He was supposed to make bacon, but he forgot that.  Sigh.  It’s okay.  I forgave him (this time ;)).

But he went a step beyond making me and my belly lunch—he made homemade blueberry jam to spread across my toast!

Here’s a simple picture of his culinary goodness.


Well, that’s sweet…You may add.

You are baking his baby…You may continue to add.

It’s nice when the husband cooks sometimes…You may even top off your thoughts with this.

It is sweet.

I am baking his baby—little Josephine Diane.

And he cooks MOST times right now.

But the catch is…

He made me a beautiful lunch (my favorite) and homemade blueberry jam.  And ALL I could muster up for my husband was this:


Notice the glasses slanted down on the nose? (I refuse to get bifocals, folks.  I am FAR too young for those.  The slant down will have to suffice)

Notice the rounded face without a drop of make up?

Notice the hair—the lion’s mane—protruding in every direction?

Notice me still in my pajamas at LUNCH TIME?

And yet—Richard still took the time to make me my favorite lunch.

(Love really is blind.  Or simply my husband.  But my lunch was definitely good!)

The most important thing I learned was this:  despite the beauty or despite the lack of it (aka me), the precious gift Richard gave me was service.

A friend (or husband or wife) loves at all times…