My Sweet Littles Saying Their Prayers and Dancing on Couches!

You must think that I only have two children with the fact that only Josephine and Maxwell appear to be in my videos.  Sometimes I feel as if I only have two children.  But I actually have three:  Sweet Adelyne, as well.  It’s just that, at 9 years of age, Sweet Adelyne has the most social of social calendars of ANYONE I know.  Not just of 9 year olds. Of anyone—9 or 90—that I know.

It’s awesome fabulous—because, you know, we live in this foreign land called Poland.  And it’s awesome fabulous that my daughter is not a foreigner in this foreign land—she is a Pole.  A proud one.  And she lives her life as a full-blown Polish gal.  Romping, playing, going to school, studying, extra curricular activities, and so forth.

She breathes White and Red.  I am so thankful to God for that!

But that also means when I am at home being Mommy 24/7…(last night daddy actually was home and by 6pm, so we had family pizza night.  twas awesome!)…


Anyhow…As I play this magical and amazing role of Mommy 24/7, I tend to video those subjects most around me:  Which would continue to explain the absence of Adelyne and Richard 🙂  Neither tend to be around me that often…

Hmmm?????  Perhaps it’s me?!  Haha!

Once again, I really hope you enjoy the videos of the Littles that steal my every moment—even my potty breaks.  But they fill my life with such amazing miraculous wonder, I can’t help but love my every minute.

Here continues the sweet adventures of my Littles, Jo and Max!  Enjoy.

GoGo, will you dance with me?  Asks her awesome Big Bro Maxwell!

Trying to get two toddlers that share a room to settle down and pray is oh so stinking sweet!

I walk into the living room and find Max on top of the couch dancing to Christmas music (yes—we’ve been playing it ever since the chill hit the air!).

I wish you all well and lots of warm love, Christmas music, and overall contentment with where God has placed you in life.

xo for now,


“What Does The Fox Say?” Daddy be CRAZY!!!!


Okay—so, if you, my And 2 Makes Crazy Readers, don’t realize something, it’s that we live in a beautiful but very little farming village in the country of Poland.

Right now, our house is massively undergoing some awesome construction where we are putting in a gate (woot-woot) and some pavers (because cement on wet land does not bode well) and some other cosmetic outside stuff.

WHICH MEANS…our dogs are by and large locked up for long portions of every day.  And it also means I have to take them on long walks.

We have (the field that immediately borders our property) wheat going.  Then there is the other field.  The beautiful field that is for sale by owner—yet no one seems to buy.  So, my dogs and I go and romp around that field (the dogs romp—i walk).  It has tall grass, wildflowers, trees, and is super duper duper big.

It is bordered by wheat on both sides.  And my dogs are always finding random bones.

WELL…how I have missed this fox hole over this last month is beyond me.  But, just a few nights ago, I saw it!

Mind you, it was about 8pm, so my hubby was at home with all of the kids.  I picked up my phone and called my daughter anyway and said, “QUICK!  Hop on your bike and come find me.  Momma found a FOX HOLE!”

Before I knew it, she was riding out to me.  We loved it.  And had lots of fun exploring around it.  Then we decided to call Daddy and Max.  Josephine was already sleeping, “Daddy!  Put Max’s hat on and come out (it was super cold).”

He wasn’t convinced to take a 3-year-old out exploring at 8pm, but he did anyway.

And that’s when it hit me!  Start the music and have my crazy daughter go wild!  I was just SURE she was going to dance like crazy while I literally had a fox hole filming right behind her.

To my great surprise, I turned on the music and started filming and there my daughter went—EVERYWHERE but in front of the camera.  But daddy stayed (even with Maxwell in his arms).  And, apparently, daddy had WAY more fun than I was about to realize.

He went all “Daddy in front of a fox hole” CRAZY on me 🙂 🙂 🙂

And now we have the best memory of the night!

A video of my hubby (Richard—the FAR better half of And 2 Makes Crazy) going actual crazy to that really fun (and addicting) song, “What does the fox say?”

Click on the link (I have yet to post it to YouTube) and enjoy!  Especially watch it if you are in need for a smile today!

You can even share this video with others.  Go ahead.  Make their day!

xo for now,

B (and now you can see why we are And 2 Makes Crazy)

I spy a hottie pastor…and a great looking bride and groom! Day 2.

And since my husband leaves now tomorrow to head back across the border, back to South Africa, and then on to Europe…these are probably the last few shots I have for you.  (And pretty much the only shots I have myself)

Hope you enjoy Day 2…


I spy with my wife’s eye a hottie pastor in the back!  Do you?


Making new friends


And cuddling old friends (we have Auntie Tania in this photo…yea!)


The parents/families of the Bride and Groom


My princess at the reception…Adelyne Marguerite!


And last but NEVER the least…the bride herself, Dr. Seun…wife to Kwesi! 

Well, Maxwell and the Belly and I greatly enjoyed the glimpses of the big days!  Hope you did too.

xo always,

the first half of crazy…Brooke

My husband’s off to get people hitched…in Africa!

Adelyne and Richard had an amazing start to their African father/daughter journey.

Well…After they flew 10 hours to Germany, then a 10-hour layover in Frankfurt, and then another 10 hours to Johannesburg.


Frankfurt Layover…Goodbye, Sunny AZ!

But when they FINALLY arrived in Africa, they have had an amazing time!

The lion park.  Huge perk for a little girl.  Especially when a lion cub gets to gnaw you to smithereens.

Then they have gone on Safaris and wild animal roundups.  And they have even gotten to go swimming.


Daddy’s toes enjoying the African sun!

At breakfast the other day, they ate outside and saw grazing giraffes.  Pretty stinking awesome.

Finally yesterday, they had to leave their safari paradise and begin the border crossing…on their own.

I remember when Richard was going from Kenya to Uganda (Nairobi to Kampala) on his own—well, in a bus full of others.  It was a midnight bus crossing and Rich said that he was the only white passenger on the bus (an important part of the story in a moment) and he was RIGHT below the radio’s speaker button that was playing the same scratchy tape over and over again.  So when the tape took it’s pause to switch sides, he reached up above him and turned off the speaker — and the bus fell into a beautiful midnight silence.

Well…it may have been a night bus, but that did not mean its passengers were sleepy because soon he heard from the back of the bus in a deep voice, “HEY, Muzungu!  Turn back on the radio.”  Without looking around or missing a beat, he crept his hand in the air, found the speaker’s button, and turned back on the loud midnight music.  Listening to it all the way to Kampala.  And the rest of the passengers were pleased 😉

But this time, with Adelyne, Rich was not in a bus as a passenger.  He was the driver, and he had to get his daughter safely across the border and make his way to Gabarone, Botswana.

He said trail mix was a nice treat for the border agents as he crossed.

And then, the rest of the journey, well, let’s say it was wrought with, in Richard’s words, “Six hours of dodging goats, cows, donkeys, people, cars, potholes, baboons, and anything else you can think of.”

But he finally made it!  And they are thrilled.

And today they get to begin the celebrations of Seun and Kwesi!  Today is the traditional ceremony.  Adelyne is a blessed and honored part of today’s event.

Tomorrow is the church wedding.  Richard gets to do the whole, “Do you?  And Do you?  And Yea!  You may kiss your bride!”

I am so excited to hear how Seun and Kwesi have brought their two families together (Nigerian and Ghanan family backgrounds) and joined them together in beautiful ways to celebrate who they are and who they will become together.

It brings me back to my own wedding.

ImageSeptember 30th, Richard and Brooke

I am not a big church and fluffy wedding dress-type woman.  And my husband, he could have gotten hitched on a raft, shouting “I Do,” as we went through a rapid.

But, since we have families that love us, we decided to have a wedding…in 3 weeks!  Good thing I have an extremely organized sister, eh?

She pulled off my wedding in 3 weeks.  And I wore my mother’s wedding dress.  And I received my grandma’s wedding ring.  And we wore tennis shoes or hiking sandals.  And we had trail mix at our tables.

We were in the day of “film” so there is not a lot of digital documentation of this day, but we didn’t even go with, at the time, the VERY traditional wedding cake.  You see, neither of us are huge cake fans.  So we went with something we both do love…Marie Calendar pies!

We bought out the restaurant.


Richard’s vows to Brooke

And our evening even ended with illegal fireworks, sending us off, in our Jeep!

Yep.  It wasn’t fancy—but it was beautiful.  And one of my favorite moments, dancing with my husband while our guests surrounded us with bubbles in the air.

I am sure today’s wedding will be extremely different than mine.  And I can’t wait.

Because each wedding day should be an introduction of two families, coming together, to join as one.  Not leaving behind what makes the other so beautiful and unique, but joining together the beauty of “you” and “me” and making the two a “we”.

Oh…and it should be a LOT about the bride.  (Well, saith this bride!)

And I am sure Kwesi and Seun’s wedding will be just that…a beautiful joining of two families with a great celebration of the bride herself!  And the groom.  And the two of them, joined with their family and friends from around the world.

And I can’t wait to see where God and their future takes them.

I pray their day blessed and joyful.  I pray their day tomorrow honoring and special.

And I pray their lives, forever, together…full of adventure, hard work, fun, and, when God gifts, beautiful children to fill their hearts to the brim of overflowing!

In the meantime, I simply hope that they’ll enjoy their honeymoon and their brand new future in great and adventurous ways.

Congratulations, Seun and Kwesi.  Now, go and get hitched!

Kiss.  Kiss.

Once upon a Sunday…with a cop…and a Breathalyzer test—in Poland!


c. photo Steve Evers

If you’ve been one of the Crazy followers of this blog, you’d remember that my husband and I started a non-profit foundation in the country of Poland for the homeless and poor.

BUT—what you may not remember is that my husband has been the pastor of an AWESOME International Church for the past 12 years.

Yep…my hottie is a pastor.

Anyhoo—back on topic.

Maybe you also remember that we live in a little Polish village.  Our village is about one hour away from where we have church-Poznan.  So, every Sunday, my husband leaves for church at approximately 7:30am.  If you think that I’m getting up, getting kids ready and fed and out the door by 7:30am on Sunday, then you don’t know how much I like my sleep.  Which means—we leave later than daddy.

On this Sunday, I had left in plenty of time and was cruising to church.  The thing you should know about Polish roads—they used to be HORRIBLE!  And then the Euro Cup 2012 came about—and the EU helped fund the fixing of the roads.

But, in the meantime, while the roads were still HORRIBLE, I knew exactly when I could speed (yes, admitting a sin…oops), and where cops sat, and when I could cruise, and when I was home free.

Well, this particular Sunday, I thought I was hitting the “Home Free” part of the road, merely minutes from church when I saw the Lollipop Man!

Let me explain.  In many European countries, the police stand on the streets, while one sits in the car and radars you down.  And, if you have broken the speed limit, the one on the street lollipops you in—literally by waving a little reflective lollipop at your car.  And you, weirdly so, obediently pull your car over and submit your proper documents to the lollipop cop.

So, I got “lollipopped” in and approached by the lollipop cop.

He came with the radar gun to show me I was speeding.  He actually didn’t need the gun because I knew I was speeding.  Again, I thought I was home free (obviously doesn’t make it right, folks :))

And he said to me, “You were speeding.  I need your documents.”

Obediently and submissively, I handed him my documents.  And that’s when he knew!

He hit the jackpot!

A foreigner.

No.  Not just a foreigner.  A FEMALE foreigner with KIDS in the back of her car.

And so he went in for the KILL!

“You must pay me 100zl or I will ARREST you!”

I looked at this cop and thought to myself, “Cop, you OBVIOUSLY don’t know whom you are threatening. I am a Middle Child…”  And I prepared myself for battle.

I said, “No.  I know I was speeding.  Please write me my ticket.  I will pay at the appropriate office.”

He was taken aback—A Challenge.

Game on!

“No!  You must pay me 100zl or I will ARREST YOU!”  He even managed a snarl and a growl.

Me, straight-faced, “No, give me my ticket.  I will PAY at the appropriate office!  I legally live here and have paid tickets before.  I KNOW WHAT TO DO!”

Now the cop was getting flustered.  After all, he has just solicited a bribe from a lady that he thought would be a VERY easy target BUT he was getting nowhere.  So, he left me in my car and went back to his partner in crime.  I thought they were cops, right?!

A couple minutes later, he came back to me and said, “You will pay me 100zl.  I will follow you to a Bankomat (ATM)!”

I looked at him.  Really?  Seriously?  Have you not heard me by now?!

“No.  I will not drive to a Bankomat.  I will not pay you 100zl.  I will accept my ticket.  But that is all.  If you must, ARREST ME!”  Now I snarled and growled.

At this point, I was actually getting excited.  I had two kids in the back of the car, and he was going to arrest me!  Honestly, I was stoked!  I so wanted to be arrested.  I was going to snap pictures of me and the two kids arrested for speeding in Poland and not paying a bribe.  IT.WAS.AWESOME!

Problem was, the cop was getting smart.  Bummer.

Now HE KNEW he could not arrest me.  What was he going to tell his precinct?  “I arrested this woman for going 10mph over the speed limit and not paying me a bribe…???!!!”  Obviously not.

So, he had to think.  He walked back to his partner.  They chatted again. You could tell his partner was also getting frustrated with my lack-o-bribe paying.

After about 10 minutes, he returned to me with 3 things—my driver’s license, my documents, and a Breathalyzer test.

And this is what he said, “If you pass this test, you are free to go!”

I looked at him and said, “Unless strong coffee is going to reel me in, I’m all for it!”  And I took the test.

He looked at the reading:  0.  I think he was disappointed.  He had NOTHING on me now.  He gave me the test and said, “Pamiątka” (which means Souvenir) and waved me on with his little lollipop.

Poor officer.  Here he thought he hit the “Foreign Lady with 2 Kids Jackpot”—and all he got was a lot of frustration, no bribe, and a bit of humiliation.

I, although I REALLY wanted to get arrested, still walked away with a GREAT story!

So, Mr. Lollipop Cop, thanks for the TWO pamiątki (souvenirs) of that crazy Sunday morning:  My Story and My Breathalyzer Test.

Next time, size up the woman you’re trying to solicit a bribe from before you waste ALL of your time…Because…this American momma don’t play that game!