Adelyne. That word says it all.


Adelyne:  Proper Noun:  A very well loved little girl often the subject of lavish attention, lots of hugs, and years of being the sole receiver of her parents’ concentration (aka: only child)

For Adelyne’s 5th birthday, when it was time for cake, she insisted on being carried in to her party.  On the arms of her daddy and uncle.  As if she was entering on a royal coach.  And she even held out her fingers as if to say, “Royalty is here!  Greet me now.”

She was loved.  She was played with.  She was well taken care of.

Our only child.  All attention lavished upon her.

And so, today, I looked at this beautiful gift of ours and asked, “Adelyne (now 8), do you remember being an only child?”

She replied, “Yes.  I was an only child forever.”

“What do you remember most about it?”

“I remember Nana took me to the Zoo the day Max was born.  And then we got to stop by McDonald’s on the way home so that I could hold him.”

In those two sentences she summed up, for me, her life.

My beautiful and precious only child began to truly live once Maxwell entered it.

He is her most beloved.  Her best friend.  Her precious treasure.

Memories will exist through photos.  And maybe one day she’ll refer to her 6 and 1/2 years of being an only child as “The Good Ol’ Days”.  But perhaps not.

Perhaps her “Good Ol’ Days” did not truly begin until her brother entered them.

And that’s a-okay.

Adelyne, in and of itself, is a miraculous and beautiful word.  But Adelyne and Maxwell—to me, is the epitome of perfection.