Porn on Sunday…

Yep!  Porn on Sunday.  That’s how we roll here in the good ol’ State of Arizona!

Yep!  And I am unafraid to say it…Porn on Sunday!

Porn-o-graphy.  See I said it again.

But, since I’m unabashed to pretty much share any thought on any matter, let me say this…

I am not a fan of porn.  Pornography.  The industry.  Or supporting the rights of nudity for graphic pleasure or pay.

You may be.  Who knows.  I most likely don’t know you…nor you I.

So, this is my challenge.

Have a listen here:

Have a read here:

And, after you have, have a heart evaluation here:  (insert your photo here)

Porn on Sunday, friends…It’s as great a day to talk about the subject as ANY other day out there.

Be brave…Take a listen and a read.

Blessings for your day.

Caution:  Do not listen around children.  

*Updated:  February 24, 2014*

I am attaching a link to the Matt Walsh blog that he wrote on this subject on November 25, 2013.  He asks you to take a look at pornography and adultery.  It is a well-written and passionate post.  His last paragraph especially hits it home.  I hope that you take time to click and read.