2015 Comes to a Close…

In 2014, I began my year having a new baby.  It was awesome!

In 2015, I began my year traveling to AZ to be with my family as my mom had emergency surgery for her shoulder after a fall.  The fall—not awesome.  Getting to be with family—awesome.

In 2016, I will begin with my husband turning 40 and having TWO torn meniscus’ repaired.  Not one.  Two.   Happy big 4-0, Richie babe!

Otherwise, I will continue working my tail off for the homeless, the orphans, the sick, the forgotten!

And, hopefully, I’ll be back here to share their lives more frequently with you.

xoxo for your 2016!  May you enter it with JOY!  I believe that God has great plans for your future===even if it simply means learning to trust in Him.

Believe me.  That was the greatest gift I ever received.


B and R and Gang (Brooke, Richard, Adelyne, Maxwell, and Josephine)


Our 2015 Wish For You!


from our family to yours…happy new year! Szczęśliwego nowego roku!

this is what we wish for you…

we wish you a beginning of 2015 that is god-guided. and a daily wellspring of grace.

may your 2015 be filled with humility and love. may your 2015 be filled with forgiveness and joy. may your 2015 be filled with opportunity and energy.

may your hands and hearts and feet be willing to go forth and help those in need!
may your smile be abundantly bright!
and may the peace that stills your heart be the beat needed to encourage your daily walk in life.

god bless you, our friends!

richard and brooke nungesser and our crew of adelyne, maxwell, and josephine