Moving to the land of hot babes and skinny chicks.


Image of Paulina Krupinska

My husband was on the phone with his at that time single brother saying, “DUDE!  You have got to come to Poland.  The women are SO hot!”

And he was like a broken record…or a parrot…saying it over, and over, and over.

I was finally like, “Dude, Richard! I am right here!”  Standing there in my ponytail and overalls.

But he was and is right—Poland is full of hot babes and skinny chicks!

The women are gorgeous.  They are gorgeous on the outside—and they are brilliant and multi-talented on the inside.  The women are a powerful group of individuals in the country of Poland.

The country that I am about to return to…

So.  How will I hold up in a land of great beauty and strong women?

Well, in the beauty department what you see is what you get—I have ditched the overalls for sweats and tanks.

In the strong department—I can learn from them and hopefully inspire a few along the way.

In the skinny department—I’ll tell them how much I admire their physique while drinking my Pepsi and eating my donut.

Don’t worry, though, I do take my dogs on walks.