Living a life of “half”

the littlest

Living with multiple little people, you enter a zone called the “half” zone.

Currently I walk around in a state of stupor, shaking my head and mumbling under my breath.

Room to different room I walk and I see the same thing!


Half painted dining room chairs.

Clean laundry half folded.

A half-clean kitchen.

Half eaten cereal.

A half dressed child.

Half sleep.


It is literally driving me insane. But this morning after I sent my 8-year-old daughter off to school I had a real epiphany moment.  I am the one that needs to readjust my attitude and celebrate the half full.  Not the half empty.

I have 3 littles that run around my home like a whirlwind.  My home will look like a tornado for quite some time.  And while I walk through the tornado, I need to remember to see the furniture that is still standing.

Even if the other half is knocked over.  On the floor.  Next to the remainder of the half-eaten cereal.  Which my pint-sized littles, that are currently half the size of a grown human, put there.

Half full, my friends.  Half full.

What about you?  What are you thankful for—even if it’s currently in a state of half?

My Angel in the Dirt

Sometimes I dabble in poetry…this one was written the day I took this picture of my daughter.  Oh, and that’s strawberry smoothie all over her face.  Hope you enjoy.  xo b

My Angel in the Dirt

Written by Brooke HJ Nungesser



My angel in the dirt

You should sit and watch her play

Her golden curls caress her face

In the most angelic way.

When she tilts her head back and smiles,

It makes the sunshine dull.

For it’s her blue eyes that steal the skies

And her spirit that steals your soul.