It’s not the spectacular but the simple that counts!

My husband and daughter spent an entire month traveling from Africa, to Norway, to Poland…

But immediately upon their arrival I knew…

It’s not the spectacular in life that really matters…it’s the simple that counts!

I am sure Adelyne had as much fun on horsie rides with her brother and daddy as she did playing with lions in Africa.

And I am certainly sure Richard enjoyed his evening of cuddles as much as he enjoyed his safari exploration.

Welcome home, Daddy and Ada.  Maxwell and I missed you more than words!


I can’t believe it was a month…


Yes.  We woke a sleeping baby at 11pm.


Then we played for two hours that night.


Maxwell wore a permanent grin at midnight.  His sister is his joy.


The very next morning, the smiles continued…

XOXO always, Richard and Adelyne.

Forever yours,


A lion’s roar has nothing on my dog!

A lion’s roar can be heard up to 5 miles away.  My husband learned this during his lion park adventures and walk.  I thought that sounded quite extraordinary, but it’s true.  I looked it up.

Guess what else!  A whale’s can be heard hundreds of miles away…to attract a mate.  Obviously it’s not a roar.  We’ll save that for the lions. But it’s registered decibel levels are so loud that KISS has nothing on them.  Perhaps they’re the rock stars of the sea?

Impressive, eh?

I just hope that the female that answers the call isn’t too disappointed when she travels so far to meet that whale 😉

And, if she is, what does she do next?  Swim away?  Splash her tail?  Tune into a different radio station?  Tell him to kiss off?  Pun intended.


I am on an unnecessary role.

The real reason I brought you here today is to show you the pictures my husband took while on his lion’s walk in South Africa (yes, he physically walked just feet away from these wild beasts).  And to show you the absolute blast my daughter had playing with some rather big kitties…

Hope you enjoy!



ImageImageImagey ImageImageImage

( Richard Nungesser)

An amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience.  And they enjoyed every minute.  Rich said that when they were eating dinner that evening at this park, it was as if they were in surround sound—roaring surround sound.  He said it was deafening.  And a bit frightening.  But awe-ing to be sure.

No matter what, though…I am pretty sure that these impressive wild beasts have NOTHING on our own domestic beast.  Sierra.  Our Giant Schnauzer.

You see, Sierra’s been living at our home in Poland and being taken care of while we’re away.  But she was obviously very excited my daughter returned home…Witness it in her own rocking bark.

As for my daughter’s array of baseball helmet and getup.  She was just excited to be home and play with her stuff.  The helmet must have been missed, I suppose.

Oh, and here’ the link to other amazingly loud animals:

Hope that no matter where you are in the world,  you have a ROARING Friday!

Even if you have to put earplugs in…

Alex the Lion nibbles on Adelyne…

Today was amazing—from the sounds of it on my Skype call with Rich.  They landed in Joburg late Monday night.  So today was their first day to start to explore…

Their explorations started with a trip to a lion park.  Anyhow…the cubs you could handle and hug and pet and play with.  One particular cub, Alex the Lion, really took to Ada…and her clothes.  In the video Richard sent me (that I can’t seem to upload here…bummer), I can’t tell if she is pleased or annoyed.  But her daddy said that later in the day all she could talk about was how fun it was to hold Alex the Lion!

And then they made their way to the “lion walk” with the 1-yr-old lions.  Ummm…The guide gave Rich strict instructions to “Keep Adelyne Close!”

Rich said it was a GOOD thing he did.  As soon as they entered, he said the lions got down on their haunches and began to creep toward her.  I guess she is more “bite sized” eh?  But the closer Richard got to Adelyne, the more intimidated they were, and they backed away.  I guess he is still too big of a meal for 1-yr-old lions.  Roar!

After the lion park, they headed to their game park where they’re staying for two days.  They got to swim, go on a night safari, and eat outside under oil lanterns!

Man…can we say, “Momma be jealous”?  I can!

During the night safari, the guide tossed food to the crocs…Rich said the water became a ripple of activity.  It was fascinating.  And then during the Safari drive, they actually spotted White Rhinos!  One even had a baby.  Rich said a tusk of another was a good 2+ feet in length.  Amazing!

What does Adelyne hope for in the next two days?  Adelyne hopes to get close enough to a giraffe to ride its back.

What a crazy explorer she’ll make—She should’ve been stranded in the movie Swiss Family Robinson.

Anyhow, it was a short but awesome Skype convo between me and my man.

Tomorrow they get to become like the cowboys of the National Geographic.  They are joining a “round up”!  True that. (Why am I going all old school talk on you all, I don’t know…Jet lag?  Oh wait.  I didn’t go anywhere 😉 )

Back to the “round up”.  I guess that there are too many animals on one reserve, so the helicopters will come and herd the animals into different crates to be taken to wider, more open spaces.  Just like Marty’s dream in Madagascar, eh?  Wide, open spaces!

I think that Rich is as excited about this next one as Adelyne!  There is a bit of AZ cowboy in him ready to go all “Yeehaw” on the zebras’ behinds.

Anyhow…One more day of South African exploring before they head into Botswana for a multi-day joyful wedding celebration.

I’ll keep you as updated as I myself am 🙂  (which means not too terribly updated).

Hugs for now…And lion kisses…Much like those Alex the Lion gave Adelyne.

Munch.  Munch!