Pregnancy “Tears”

Sorry, gentlemen…It’s a ladies moment today!

Truth.  I giggled when I saw this:


( Trimblecrafts)

I always heard the old wives’tale that once you give birth, you lose all control.

I thought they were talking about my mind.

Well, it turns out that you are so focused on the beauty of the life growing inside of you that you don’t realize reality until sometimes it is too late…

Like the “tears” that are running down your legs.

Yes, ladies.  Let’s be honest.

We may have that pregnancy glow that is breathtakingly beautiful…

But we also “cry” a lot.

So, to all pregnant and post pregnant ladies out there—

Here’s to a tear-free day to me!

And you.

And you.

And, yes, even you!  (You know, the woman that had the baby 10 years ago yet still “cries” a lot)…