Christmas in the Square…


In 2001, my husband began serving the homeless tea at our local train station.  Simply tea.

Eventually many of our Polish friends joined us on this journey.  One of these friends, a great man, became one of the biggest champions of this cause.  His name is Tomek.  At the time, he was a student at the local university, studying for his Master’s in World History.

Today, Tomek has brought the foundation that my husband started back to his hometown, Kalisz, the oldest city in Poland.

I remember going to the train stations in Kalisz and starting Bread of Life there the same way…With cups of tea at the local train station (Kalisz this time).

Today, Bread of Life in Kalisz does one million and one things to help the citizens of its city—one of the biggest events coming up is Christmas in the Square!

Bread of Life and its partners have gathered together to put together a magical Christmas market in the center of Kalisz.  The purpose:  To help raise funding for four local children in need of medical and rehabilitation care.

Do not miss the opportunity to go and check out the site:  Christmas in the Square!

Once there, go to the gallery/galerie and check out last year’s event.

Today, I want to encourage you.

Maybe there is something in your heart you want to do to help others around you but you think, “No.  That’s too little.”  Or “I am not great enough.”

Let me say, “Hogwash!”

Bread of Life was started by a foreigner in a foreign land.  Bread of Life Kalisz was started by a recent university graduate during times of extreme unemployment in his own hometown…A time where jobs were scarce and money was little.

Today, people, businesses, and organizations rally together across this very same city to help children in need.

Three cups of tea.  It was an act of simplicity.

And so I ask you…What can you do?

Something simple is still better than nothing at all!

See where God takes it…