There is “I” in TEAM.

jo and max_1      jo and max_2

Before and After: The “I” in Maxwell’s meaning of “TEAM”

I beg to differ when it comes to the wildly popular slogan, “There’s no I in TEAM”.

Now that I have two littles growing up together, I definitely see that there is “I” in “TEAM”, and yet it still works.

The oldest of my two littles (Adelyne is 9, so she will not be included in this blog) is Maxwell. He is 2, approaching 3.

My youngest is Josephine. She just turned 14 months.

And this is how my house functions with the “I” in “TEAM”.

Josephine is playing with something. Maxwell wants it. He takes it. Josephine is left without it. Josephine cries. Josephine wants it back. Max now SOLELY wants the very item he just took from his sister.

And, yet, she still plays with him, and they giggle and laugh and play some more.

When Josephine is in her high chair or upstairs for a nap, Maxwell insists, “Put GoGo Baby down, Momma!”  or “Get GoGo Baby up, Momma!” (GoGo Baby is his term of endearment for her).  He is not complete without her.  Even if he wants every item she has—just for himself!

So, right now, there is “I” in “TEAM”.  Maxwell is the “I”.  But without Josephine by his side, he still does not feel complete.  Like a whole TEAM.

Time will teach them both that eventually the “I” will have to become the “Ours”.  In the meantime, there is a pecking order with their teamwork, and it works for just fine for Maxwell.

Josephine?  Well, let’s just say, Maxwell is lucky that she is just a wee one.

One day, she will grow, and he may have to abdicate his throne.  Or perhaps there will be a coup?

Only time will tell with this “TEAM” 😉

What’s wrong with calling your daughter a princess?


I believe princesses often get the shaft.

There are so many blog postings and articles out there that often make you feel bad for declaring your daughter your princess. They make you feel an ill-fitting parent if you tell your daughter she’s pretty.  And they make you feel plain ol’ bad when you dress your gal in pink.

It gets tiring.  And disheartening.

So, to you moms and dads out there that call your daughter your princess, tell her she’s pretty, and dress her in pink, I am here to say, I’ve got your back!

You see, I have two princesses, and I am their queen.

And this is why I have absolutely no problem with any of the above…

A princess is a highly celebrated figure that is akin to a national treasure.  Wow and crowds surround her, and she is held in high esteem.

Yep.  My daughters are two of my greatest treasures.  With each birth I was in wow.  My family crowded around them.  And to say that I hold them in high esteem is an understatement.  I hold them in the highest esteem!

A princess usually dresses her part while teaching the world how to act, behave, and serve others.

My princesses do the same.  They dress their part.  Sometimes it’s frilly for finer occasions and other times it’s muddy because “their part” is being kids.

Daily my princesses teach me how to act and behave.  When I act and behave appropriately, I see it in their mirroring of me.  When I do not, I see it in their mirroring of me.  And when I don’t like what I see, my princesses bring me back to reality, and I learn to change my ways.

My princesses serve others.  The older learns how to serve with actions, whether it is her daddy, or brother, or sister, or stranger.  She is daily learning and growing to put others before herself.

And my littlest.  Well, since she’s 6 months and rotund, she serves with eye-losing smiles.  And coos.  And cuddles.  And laughter.

Both of my princesses serve to the best of their abilities for their particular stations in life.  And they serve well!

My princesses are pretty.  They’re not just pretty, they’re beautiful.  They’re not just beautiful, they’re stunning.  Speechlessly stunning.

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.  And I, as their mommy, will always be (partnered with their daddy, of course), their greatest admirer.  I want my daughters to be intelligent and strong and beautiful on the inside, but I have never in my entire life, never, ever, ever, met a girl grown into a woman, who has not wanted to be told she was and is beautiful.  My princesses will grow into their internal beauty, but my princesses will never doubt their external beauty.

You see, as a parent, it does not matter the physical exterior of your child, for, to you, your child that graces your lap is the most beautiful gift God could have ever given you.  Her beauty will always be beyond measure.

And my princesses will always be the most beautiful gifts to me.

Yes.  I believe that princesses often get the shaft.

But, my daughters, my princesses, will hold their heads high, with strength in their backs, and always know…

No matter where.

No matter what.

No matter how they do in life, they will always be my distinguished princesses, and I—I will always be their mommy queen.