Worms on the ceiling…


I wish I was kidding.  I am not.

Besides the mice that seem to occupy both the upstairs and downstairs of our home, we have had a huge trail of worms on our ceiling for the last week.

Like a trail of them…crawling.  Across our kitchen ceiling.

It’s so delightful.  NOT!

Sometimes you think, “Momma don’t have time for that!”

And then worms appear.

Crawling across your ceiling.

Yes.  This is how seemingly life is handed to people, eh?

If it’s not children in and out of doctors.  It’s mice pooping everywhere.  Then it’s camping baths for at least a week while they convert your home from coal to gas.  Lastly there are worms.

You can make a list similar to mine.  Well, hopefully not the hospitals and mice and worms.  The camping baths are okay.  A good bucket of hot water can help a momma get kids clean…

But I know you have this list.  And you think, “Do I REALLY need to stand on a stool and KILL these worms—or can I just let them continue to crawl?”

Or, perhaps, “Is it ABSOLUTELY necessary for me to discover WHERE these worms are originating from???”

You may even give yourself a few days to just let everything overrun your home.  And that’s okay.  It’s called rest.  Believe me.  If you don’t sit and take it, life is not going to get any cleaner.

And after that coffee and rest you may FINALLY muster up the courage to try and find the source of the worms.

You may EVEN be married to a brilliant man that actually has an epiphany, “HOT CHOCOLATE!”

That’s when you both rush to the cabinet above the sink and open it up.  Out fly moths.  Out crawl worms.  And at the bottom of that shelf is a bag of natural “homemade” fruit tea dried compote.  Hence the worms.

With great rejoicing that you have found the source, you dump the entire contents in the trash and begin the new process…

Clean up the mess on the shelves and get rid of the worms that were beginning to turn into moths.  Because you know what moths do?  Destroy.

Yes.  Worms on the ceiling.  It is a thing.  And perhaps you have them, too.

I hope you are able to find the source of your frustration, get rid of it, clean it up, and begin  the next moment fresh!

Because, after all, this isn’t really just about worms, is it?!

Let me introduce myself…

I realized many of you don’t know me.  How sad!  I’m fascinating.  Just ask me.

So, this post will be all about me.

Wait, you think.  Aren’t they all about you?

True.  But this one is really about me.

I’m a published poet…if a Spanish magazine at my university counts.  I wrote and they published a poem.  I even read it at the annual Spanish poetry reading society (if that is what it was really called).  It was entitled something brilliant…like Mariposa.  I loved Spanish—until they kicked me out the following year for not being able to speak it.  I guess writing and speaking are two different things, eh?!

On top of a published poet, I’m a paid stand-up comedian.  It’s true.  I am on daily…The Nungesser Show.  I have a captive audience.  One is 3-years-old and the other is 23 months.  It doesn’t matter if they don’t have a choice, they laugh.  Daily.  At me.  I’m a superstar!  I am paid in giggles and cuddles.  That’s a priceless currency, you know.

Believe it or not, I have more jobs.  I’m a professional relationship expert.  Yep.  Ask my husband, he’ll tell you that I know about everything!  Umm…I am not sure he always agrees, however, I still have to work with him about that (insert smile and wink here, right, ladies?!).  Time for another session, babe!  Meet me on the couch (hubba-hubba!).

Lastly, I am the ultimate librarian.  That’s right, folks.  I may not have the book, but I guarantee if my daughter wants to read it, I’ll find it.  I love the sentence she wrote once in school using her spelling word smarter.  It read, “The smarter I get the happier I am.”  School is cool, friends!  School is cool.  I love that I have the job of being a librarian!

Wait.  What?  It doesn’t sound like much?

Oh, really?  Because to the 4 that live under my roof, it’s everything.

Who are YOU?  Whoever you are, be the best you that you can possibly be.

Paid or unpaid.

I’d love to meet you.