I don’t have one sick kid.

I don’t have two sick kids.

I have three sick kids…


As much as I love them—

My sis, sil, and girlfriends are coming in T-4 days.

And momma is going to Italy.

Good luck, Daddy????

When Daddies Are Magicians!



Richard is a magician. He literally can pull anything out of our children’s ears—including matchbox cars and Barbie dolls. It brings about GREAT excitement in our home.

Problem: now Josephine, my 2-year-old, thinks that whenever she can’t find anything, all she needs to do is RUN up to me and say, “It’s in my ear, Momma!” Where she then tilts her head to the side in great expectation that I shall be able to pull out said missing item from her ear 😉

Daddies—aren’t they the best???!!!