Top 10 pictures viewed on And 2 Makes Crazy over the past year…

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Well, this has been fun reliving the first year of the blog with top posts read (and my top 10 that didn’t make the top 10), top country readers, and now for top pictures viewed.

There were over 700 clicks on photos from the blog.  These were the top 10 pictures viewed from this past year.  I was surprised by a few.

Hope you enjoy a stroll down And 2 Makes Crazy’s year of photos on memory lane…

xoxo from here to there, b

Question of the day—do you recall to which blog posts these belong?

What? Of course I have a job.

Of course I have a job.  It’s called Facebook.  And Blogger.

I mean, daily I empower thousands of people with my written word. I am, after all, a renowned journalist, no?

Okay.  So what I really meant was that near-daily I impact hundreds with words that I thoughtfully type on my computer.  After all, I am a brilliant philosopher and professional mother, right?


So, what I meant to say is that every once in a while I randomly pick letters on a keyboard that make words that make sometimes coherent sentences that run together to put simple thoughts onto a blog that impacts 10s of people, eh?

Right on, Brookie baby!  Right on.

See.  I told you I have a job.

What’s that?

Who are these people?


Why, that’s my hottie husband and my three wee ones.

What’s that?

No.  They are not my job.

They are my life.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a job to do.  After all, I haven’t finished “Liking” what everyone ate for breakfast yet this morning on Facebook 😉