Top 10 Most Read Posts Written in 2014. Enjoy the reads!

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Here you go.  2014’s Top 10 Most Read.  Although, it’s funny.  The top read post in 2014 still remains How to Be a Good Wife-but it wasn’t written in 2014, therefore, the list is NOT of the top read posts but of the top read posts written in 2014.

Anyhow, most of the Top Reads were rather humorous by nature.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to read one or more, go on back and enjoy a read or two.

As always, XOXO from here to there,


Top 10 Posts Written and Read in 2014 (in order of Most Read to Least Read):

1.  When I don’t sleep with my husband, I get angry:

I love this post.  It is a very honest look at how important quiet moments in the evening are when the kids finally go off to bed!

2.  When you’ve tied your tubes and want another child:

An honest look at longing and desiring more children and yet the finality behind deciding when your family is at a point where you come to the conclusion of contentment and peace.

3.  Moving to the land of hot babes and skinny chicks:

Yep.  I am here now.  Back in Poland.  This is the post leading up to that big move from America to Poland.

4.  Happy 14th Anniversary, Hot Stuff:

Here I thought that I would be going mushroom hunting with my husband, and then he had a BIG surprise for me.  And it involved a really scary flying car!

5.  My daughter punked me today.  Robin Williams would be proud:

A look at the darkness in the life of other’s where hopelessness is felt.  Tragic darkness.

6.  I’m superglued together…My C-Section Adventure:

Well, I had not EVER intended to have a C-Section, but our little baby had other plans.  Like coming out the size of a NFL football player.  And it was a far different adventure than my previous 2 deliveries!

7.  Now I am speaking my wife’s language:

My husband had a nice surprise.  In fact…it appears that he DOES speak my language 😉

8.  Get off me, Richard.  It’s not Father’s Day:

A humorous look at the difference between men and women.  Hope this read is good for a giggle.

9.  You know your husband has been away when…:

My husband traveled for over 120 days over the last year.  When he returned to collect us and bring us to Poland with him, he wanted to resume the role of Daddy is in the house—even though “Daddy” hadn’t been in the house for the last month.  That definitely led to a bit of parenting confusion (but in a humorous, chip-loving way)

10.  Rainbow Baby:

Every October I write a post honoring babies lost in miscarriage and pregnancy.  This post takes a look at the beauty of a rainbow after the storm of loss.


Well, I wish that I could list all of them written—but I guess that would defeat the point of Top 10.  Anyhow, I hope that you enjoy the above reads.  Share them with your friends.  And be encouraged by them all.

Happy 2015!