When you possibly share too much in marriage

So.  My husband and I share an iCloud account.  That means when he saves something, I get it===and vice versa.

Which also includes Apps.  You know.  Like on phones or tablets.

When he downloads an app, I get it.  And I get way too many.  He is always finding a new app for taking care of our money or making a calendar for a calendar or some random thing that this very tech-not-savvy woman has no idea how to use.  Unless it’s text messaging or shooting a photo, pretty much count me out.

Therefore, he was REALLY impressed when he saw a new app on his phone called LIFE.  He thought, “Awesome!  Brooke got us an app.”  And immediately he began to check it out.

It went something like this…(hilarious)

How much do you weigh?

Pounds or Kilograms?

He was thinking—awesome—maybe this is an app that will benefit me.  Perhaps a workout app.

Then it asked when he was to start.  He told them Monday, thinking Monday was a good day to start working out.

Then it asked when his last menstrual cycle took place…

That’s when it hit him…perhaps not all Apps should be shared.

Unless, of course, he wants to prepare to BEWARE!

Although I don’t believe any man can REALLY be prepared for that.