When Daddies Are Magicians!



Richard is a magician. He literally can pull anything out of our children’s ears—including matchbox cars and Barbie dolls. It brings about GREAT excitement in our home.

Problem: now Josephine, my 2-year-old, thinks that whenever she can’t find anything, all she needs to do is RUN up to me and say, “It’s in my ear, Momma!” Where she then tilts her head to the side in great expectation that I shall be able to pull out said missing item from her ear 😉

Daddies—aren’t they the best???!!!

Here we go…


Richard’s brother asked how many takes this took to make this video.

Let me tell you—one.  The only one.  I mean, really?  How in the world can you duplicate that?  It was perfect in all timing.

Here I was walking the dogs when I found a fox hole.  And then I called and had my daughter come out.  And then we called and had daddy and Max come out.

And then we decided that Adelyne (because she is normally crazy) would have a bunch of fun dancing to the music in front of the fox hole.  And so we played the music.

Well, Adelyne decided she really wanted the dogs to dance with her.  And, surprisingly???? the dogs were not interested.  So, while she spent her time chasing the dogs, daddy is in the background going crazy with his son to the music.

It is and will be a family classic for keeps.  Now, whose wedding will it play at?  Maxwell’s (in daddy’s arms)?  Adelyne’s (running after the dogs)?  Or perhaps simply at Richard’s birthday or our 50 year anniversary????

In any case, it was fun to make but WAY more fun to watch!