I am a SAHM.  I should get used to it.

I am a working mom—yet find myself home nearly every day with my kids.  And it’s glorious but not glamorous.

I had a lot of fun one day documenting segments of my day with my kids.

Here is my glorious but definitely not glamorous life.

Get popcorn!


What you do for your children’s critters!

Is Cami finally happy 😉 ?  Nah.

Two kittens found their way into our basement.  The kids were thrilled!

Seriously—my bald baby has no idea how disgustingly dirty our basement floor actually is.  Gag!

If I wasn’t already the overly tired nearly 40 yr old mother of toddlers—I would have more energy for this 😉

Yes…to reiterate—I am wearing clothes.  Just meant I couldn’t head outside because was too chilly for my basketball shorts, tank top, and flip flops 😉

I actually filmed so many more but they refused to download.  Perhaps it was an electronic rebellion,eh?!

God bless—and kiss those crazy babies.  Glamorous or glorious—all moments are treasures.

Xo b

Cold and Flu Season is Upon Us…To vaccinate or not vaccinate? That really isn’t the question.

As many of you have started to experience it, you realize…

Oh my!

Cold and Flu Season is just about upon us.

In fact, I have seen the outpouring of Facebook support for the Flu Vaccination.

I have also seen the outpouring of Facebook support for NEVER getting the Flu Vaccination.

Phew.  Both sides covered.  For and Not For.

In case you are curious.  We get it.  The flu vaccination.


When you have a kid like my son, you get it (he’s a former NICU, ICU, Coma survivor If you click the highlighted, you can see a few of his photos). Or else your son suffers. And his life is worth far more than fear, in my humble opinion.

If you don’t get it, I also completely understand. Before I had my son, I was not the biggest fan of pretty much anything medical.

And this is coming from a woman with a tumor at the base of her brain (non-cancerous) on her pituitary next to the optical nerve portion of her brain. (You can read a bit about it here:  pituitary tumors)

Irregardless of the Flu Vaccination or No Flu Vaccination, I am pretty sure it is universal to know that Vitamin C is good for you. No. GREAT for you.  So are mandarins.

Oh, and the little green-shirted cutie is a bonus.

What? You ask now thoroughly confused.

Halo mandarins.

You see, we live overseas, so we can’t watch the commercial on TV or purchase these mandarins, but our nephew (my husband’s brother’s son—-did you follow that?) just landed his first national commercial.  For Halos.  Mandarins.  Mmm.  Mmm.  Good!

It must be all of the smooth talking that got him, our nephew, the part.

That’s a joke, of course, because he is only a year old.

But, and I am not saying this because I am partial or anything (even though I am), you should watch the commercial. It is quite funny.

And the “little brother” sure is cute.

In fact, I think that he makes the commercial! If I was residing in America, I just might run on out and buy some Halos too.

No. I am not being paid a single cent to promote this product 😉

I am just suggesting you watch the clip, keep up on your Vitamin C, and stay healthy—flu vaccine or not.

In any case, I hope you enjoy.  And keep your eyes open for our little nephew—coming soon to a television near you!

Let me know when you see his spot on TV—it’d be fun to hear all about it.  Especially since we don’t get to watch it ourselves.

Thank goodness for YouTube, our friend!

Hugs for a wonderful day.