Believe Fierce!


I know that perhaps a few of you paused for a moment and looked at my title with a little knot in your stomach due to the horrible grammar—Your mind, most likely, whispering the correction “Fiercely Believe” or “Believe Fiercely”.

Cringing, I, too, write the title as the title because that is the EXACT sentiment that I feel.  You need to believe.  Something FIERCE!

I think we are all in a moment when we need this belief. This fierceness. This fire.

Here’s the moment when I was glad someone had that “fierce” to her “fire” for the sake of my life.


A little back story …

So, the thing is this—we had a miscarriage.

After our miscarriage, I didn’t want to come out of the dark room.  I didn’t want to stop eating donuts.  I didn’t want to do a lot that included light or life.

But the sun kept rising and setting and eventually I stopped eating daily donuts (now I just eat them because, well, let’s just say it, “I love em”).  

I also stopped hiding in the dark.  

And I began to enjoy the light.

And then my sister told me something.  She told me that God placed upon her heart the message that I would have another baby.

My sister Believed Fierce.

I didn’t.

I did like, however, the thought of a cheering team behind me.  Believing Fierce.

I liked the thought of someone believing for me what I believed to be the impossible.

I really really really liked the FIERCE in my sister.

I didn’t have my own.

She carried the FIERCE for the both of us.

Well, it turns out, that she was right.

We were gifted another baby (plus another) in my belly after she shared this prayer.

And this month of May that “Fierce” turned 9.


Believe Fierce!

Friends, may God grant you someone in your corner to be the FIERCE when you don’t have your own.

Friends, may you be the FIERCE for someone when he/she doesn’t have his/her own.

And — through all of the fierceness—may we all never stop believing!

Happy 9 to my fierce miracle …

I am so glad that before I ever believed, someone else believed in you!

Photo credit — My “Fierce’s” Nana



One thought on “Believe Fierce!

  1. Yeah…you are the most amazing writer I know. Thank you for the encouragement and for being Fierce in my life, our family and for thousands around the world.  Xoxo

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