Forgiveness simply takes time

A story in our home…

Daddy to 3-year-old Josephine, “Josephine, I’m sorry I broke your toy.  Will you forgive me?”

Josephine, “No.  But tomorrow I will forgive you.”

Daddy, “Tomorrow you will forgive me?  Thanks, Josephine.”

Friends, this is an innocent and cute conversation about forgiveness involving something important to a three year old—her toys.  But life and forgiveness usually run so much deeper than broken toys.

Hurts exist from words and wounds.  Actions that caused someone great pain.

Yesterday my husband preached, “Trusting God and His design for us is better than our designs for self…”

Forgiveness is part of that design.  Forgiveness does not mean you acknowledge the other person was right or his/her actions okay.  But forgiveness allows you to be free to go in peace. 

You do not have to approach the person to forgive him or her—but you do not have to remain locked away in bitterness and pain because of your hurt.  

Freedom comes through flight.  And flight comes when you are out in the world, the vast expanse of the sky above you.  It comes when the world becomes limitless.  

Forgiveness will help take you to the sky.

I pray for you.  If you are locked into a world of bitterness because of great hurt, let that world no longer rule your life.  The hurt, the bitterness, it’s already robbed you of YOU.  

Choose forgiveness, freedom, and flight. 

And, if you need help getting there, find a support group or counselor near you to help you place the pieces of your life back together, making the complexity of who you are from fragments or pieces into a completed puzzle.  A masterpiece.

Then go forward and live.  Free.

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