Week 9: Birthdays and Fish Kissing

Perhaps you are a parent much like I am…a parent that feared the worst, told your child was not going to live.  Told to say goodbye.  Watched your child bagged and could only cry out to God to spare him.

If you are like me (and my hubs—the better half of crazy), you understand that absolutely nothing else in this world matters after encountering this except coming to the realization that this life God has granted us is so brief, fleeting, temporary, short (get the theme of the words).  IT IS A FRAGILE GIFT—and yet the most WONDERFUL gift that we could ever receive.  Another day with those we love.

Life is hard—but that should never ever keep us from celebrating the BEST MOMENTS!  The days that we get to say, “Thank you, God, for another candle.  Another year.  Another moment.  Another sun-kissed day.  Another sunset.  Another hug.  Another chance to ‘Just Breathe’! Thank you, God, for these.”

Hope you click on family devotional site:  Missions 52, and enjoy a moment with your family celebrating your new year in life!

Source: Week 9: Birthdays and Fish Kissing

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