Mom’s Are…

my belly 3

So, it’s the week that we celebrate mothers.  Are you one?  Do you have one?  Is there someone in your life that has acted as one?

If you answered yes to the above, you are probably gearing up to celebrate that special lady or be celebrated yourself!

And this is how my son has chosen to celebrate me:  With his words.

Prepare for Mommy humor 😉

“Mommy, why do you have big boobies and a big tummy,” my 5-year-old came up to me and asked, patting my squishy tummy.

“I have these things because I am a mommy,” I replied.

“AWESOME,” he proclaimed.

Melt my heart…

And now for more.

He then proceeded to trail behind me like a little duckling as I lit a candle in the next room (I love the smell of candles in my home, covers the stench of stinky children — smile and wink).

“What makes fire, Mommy,” he asked.

“A big explosion,” I lied yet replied.

“AWESOME,” he proclaimed for the second time in the last minute, “like volcanoes!”

And that’s when a smile came to my face.

He thought the bodily aspects of me were awesome.  He thought the explosion of fire was awesome.  And that has brought me to this conclusion:

Mommies and Volcanoes are awesome.

Happy Mother’s Day, you awesome volcanoes!

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