Don’t Scare Maxwell, Momma…He’s my BEST FRIEND!

“Dear Lord, help me!” I cry out everyday.  All throughout the day…even as I drift into sleep at night.

My kids are a circus of never-ending entertainment.

Today is the LAST day before my amazing parents arrive in Poland to stay with us for a month!  I AM SO THRILLED.

That, actually, is an understatement.

And, as with any arrival of guests, a serious scouring of the house has been had.  BUT — oh GLORY day…on Monday of this week, actual professionals came and helped clean my place.

Woohoo.  Can we say, “Angels in disguise?!”  I can!

The last time my house was cleaned by anyone outside of the Nungesser family name was about 18 months ago.  THIS … THIS gift of a clean house that I simply got to enter and breathe in was one of the most angelic gifts anyone could receive this glorious Christmas season.

Okay—enough about the CLEAN HOUSE (must shout that, as it only stayed clean for approximately 30 minutes).

There is so much going on this holiday season.  I won’t bore you with my list, as I know yours is long.  WE ARE ALL CRAZY CHICKENS BUSY this glorious season—my literally FAVORITE time of year!!!!!

And amongst all of the lists and lists and lists of STUFF we must get done and are going to do—I still am a mom.


Apparently not.


So, as I am needing to go upstairs and finish every drop of laundry to make room for two extra big people in a 3-bedroom house, I turned off Maxwell and Josephine’s cartoons and said, very sweetly, “Okay, you two, up the stairs.  Time to play!”

“NOOOOO!  I am not going up the stairs.  I want my TV!”  (the kid knows how to work the remote, so he knows that turning the TV off is only the start of our mommy vs. 4yearold-son battle.

Knowing he is about to turn the TV back on, I take one STERN look at him (believe me—terrorists would FLEE), I said, “MAXWELL LOREN!  UPSTAIRS NOW!”

Boy howdy…You would think the use of a stern voice and two names was like the most horrible infliction that could have been bestowed upon this meek (insert sarcasm) 4-year-old, undies wearing boy.

“MOMMA—you scare me!  I don’t go upstairs with you.”

Momma eye roll…

“MOMMA—don’t scare Maxie!  He’s my BEST FRIEND!”

Now I’m being scolded by a 2-year-old chubby naked toddler??????

DEAR LORD—serenity now 😉

Needless to say, despite their best attempts to shame me—I am Momma.  I cannot be shamed (insert mwah-ha-ha!).

AND two half naked littles made their way up the stairs—while I have finished nearly every drop of my laundry!


Serenity is now 😉

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