Show me your SWEET face!

I am driving my son home from JUST ANOTHER doctor’s appointment.  For the last month, since the middle of September, to be more accurate, my son that came back to life has been in and out of the doctors’ offices.

It’s okay.  I mean, I am SO thankful that we can go to the doctor’s office and receive care.  But, on the other hand, the doctor nearest our village (only 10 minutes away), told us under no uncertain terms to NOT BRING OUR SON BACK TO HER AGAIN…She was done trying to treat him.

So we have to drive an hour to go and get him care elsewhere.

And it’s okay—because the doctors have been attentive.  But for the past month and a half, not much has changed.  He remains the same.

Struggling to breathe.  Daily.  All the time.

He’s on 5 daily meds.  This doctor today, just put him on like a bazillion more.

Maybe one of the extra million will help him breathe.

Who knows?!?!?!

We can only hope.

I mean, I’m not keeping score on my son or anything—but I have had like 20,000 cups of coffee this past month as I have been getting only about 2 hours of sleep per night—4 hours if he is REALLY REALLY a good son.

I am not saying he is going to owe me like a LUXURY retirement gift one day — but this kid will at least owe me some really awesome Mother’s Day present one year.  Like a new car 😉

Anyhow—back to the car ride home from the doctor’s.  This is where is actually gets funny…

On the hour drive home—after the hour drive there, the 1 hour wait in the doctor’s office, the appointment, and all the fun that entails with a 4-year-old and 2-year-old IN THE COLD…On the hour drive home—my son (the sick one) decides that he is JUST SO FUNNY!

So he takes his toddler sister’s blanket — which is like THE END OF THE WORLD!

I am driving on the highway at about 80mph and he takes her blanket…

Have mercy on my soul.

So she is wildly screaming.  Not crying.  Screaming.  Because, “Nobody takes Josephine’s blankie!”

I’ve had no sleep for 6 weeks…

I am driving in the COLD.  If you know me, you know I don’t even REMOTELY like the cold…

And he takes her blanket.

If you know my third kid, the toddler, she is like a lumbering LARGE ball of lungs and fluff.  I mean—this girl.  She’s a presence to be reckoned with.



And FEISTY coming out the wazoo…

And her brother took her beloved.

He is immune to the shrieking.  In fact, he finds the entire situation so funny.

My sanity is at the end of the rope.  And I say nicely, because, believe it or not, I try to be nice to my kids (most days 😉 )…”Maxwell, please give Josephine her blankie back.”

OOPS…Mom has jumped in…So Maxwell knows now that he has to make a choice—continue the harassment of his sister against his mother’s wishes or listen to Momma and do as she asks.

But the thing with 4-year-olds is that they are FINALLY getting smart.  Like they realize that they need to do what they are told—BUT that they can do it THEIR WAY.

So, Maxwell, tells Josephine…”Okay, GoGo, I will give you your baba (blankie) back, but you have to say ‘Please’ to me.”  (Conditions, I see 😉 )

“PLEASE, MAXWELL!!!!” Josephine bawls, tears streaming down her face.

“No, GoGo…Say ‘Please’ with a SWEET face!”

Please was apparently not enough in his battle to “win”.

Of course, the sweet face did not happen, so the boy asking for the sweet face then leans over to his sister and PINCHES her arm to get her to say “Please” with a sweet face.


Like a pinch will REALLY bring Max the results he so desperately wants to “win”!

I am dying.

I am exhausted.

I am driving.

I am this close to pulling the car over…Do you all remember your parents using that expression?!  Haha!

But I don’t.

Josephine never smiles.

And Max never gets his sweet face.

The blankie winds up on the floor.

And Josephine cries the entire way home.

Well, until she sees some cows, at which point she begins singing her adorably two-year-old version of Old McDonald “Moo Moo Cow”.

We made it home.  All children alive.  Mommy alive.

And get out of the car to live another day. Miraculously.

So, here’s to you…

I hope when your going gets rough you either choose a sweet face or a silly song to survive—because sometimes that is all we’ve got.

That or Maxwell is going to pinch you!

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