First time parent versus meh—how many kids do I have now parent


Totally laughing over here as I write this post.

And I can totally laugh because it was 100% me—10 years ago.  You know.  When I first became a mom.

Now that I’m 3 kids in and 10 years later—I am SO not that parent.

I was at the playground the other day with my two #littles (ages 2 and 4) waiting for my #oldest to finish a lesson.

At the playground there was a first-time parent.

The parent was like “Do this…Throw that…Jump high!!!  Blow kisses…Wave Bye-Bye!”

And I was like, “Oh—that is so sweet.  Wow!  How smart!  So precious!  Kiss-kiss—Bye-bye!”

But my own two littles were like …

“I too scared!!!”

Me:  So don’t climb it.

“Blurba-blurba-blurba-blurba” (sticking tongue out at other children)

Me:  roll eyes and go back to my phone


Me:  That’s not nice to say to a little girl.  Roll eyes.  Go back to phone.

Other parent:  Catch and throw!  Catch and throw!

Me:  Hmmm…Where did my children go?  Oh—don’t touch that glass.  Yes, you can still play there—just watch the broken glass.

I really was so entertained watching the way that I walked the play area with my two littles knowing that they are perfectly normal.  Sometimes they like to climb things.  Sometimes they fall.  Sometimes they don’t like to climb things.  Sometimes they pick up cigarettes and put them in their mouths.

Sometimes they pee their pants.

Oftentimes they yell really loudly in front of others.

They pick their noses.

And sometimes eat their boogers.

And they like to proclaim really really publicly at this stage of their lives “OOOOH!  THAT’S GROSS!”  whenever anyone tries to shake their hands or kiss their faces.

I just smile and say, “They have strong characters!  May God use them greatly!”

I mean…my firstborn—she could wallop Hillary and the Donald in a debate.

My last two—I am just happy if they don’t take the goldfish out of the tank and eat them for dinner.

First time parents…

Ah…I ’twas you so many moons ago.

But, I gotta admit—It’s WAY easier being me today!

(Smile and wink and wipe boogers and bottoms and clean pee off the floor and it’s okay to eat your dinner without washing your hands today—just maybe think about washing your hands later—and, oh yeah—have you brushed your teeth this week?????)


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