When there is pee in my cup holder and vomit all over my backseat…

Let’s be honest.  There are some days—THOSE days—you know the days of which I speak.


Not just one thing.  Or two.  Or three.  Please—four?  THAT’S for novice people.

But everything.

Like under the sun.

I am having one of those days.

Some that read frequently here may say that I am having one of those lives.


Maybe not…

But let me tell you about today.

TODAY is a GREAT DAY!  A group of medical students with the Norwegian Medical Association at a local medical university organized a clothing and change drive for our homeless foundation.

THIS WAS GREAT NEWS…especially because a new clothing closet/food distribution/social help office opened in a new city just a little over a month ago.

I was going to Wonder Woman it over to Poznan with my two toddlers, help the medical students load the trailer chock full of awesome donations that would go to clothe SO MANY…and then Wonder Woman it back to my little village.

Folks, I had my cape.

But the problem is—the donations remain in Poznan…I have yelled internationally on the phone, chewed out a local trailer rental shop, and if that is not enough…

I then proceeded to watch my daughter vomit on the highway while traveling 75mph…

Only to have the gas light come on right after the vomit while I just so happened to be in the middle of nowheresville, Poland…

Making it, literally—no joke, on mere vapors as I chugged into the nearest gas station.

On fumes.

No Wonder Women donations.

A daughter that has been covered in vomit for the last 50km (don’t judge).

Where the moments of the day did not stop there—because the next thing I know…I come back from paying and my son is standing in the back seat saying, “I HAD TO GO PEE!”

And my console…and cup holder…and, well, pretty much everything at this moment is now covered in 2 year old vomit or 3 year old pee…


At this point, I resign myself to a day.

A day of crazy failure, lost temper, smelly vomit, and stinky pee.

But, then, on my little journey from the petrol station to home, I began to think about it…

Pee meant my son had control of his own bladder.  I remember when he was catheterized and every ounce of fluid that came out of him was measured—sometimes with worrying eyes and quiet mumbles.

Vomit all over my back seat and daughter meant that Josephine’s belly was full.  It meant I had money to feed my child.

A car on fumes meant that I had the opportunity to go somewhere.  And stopping at a petrol station (gas station) meant that I had money to go some more.

And an opportunity to yell meant that I had a voice—and I live in a country that, while I am sometimes overly frustrated with their mounds of red tape and occasional bezsensu spirit, it meant that I live in a free country where I can express frustrations (even if the end result is NOT helping me out 😉 ).

And an opportunity to pick up clothes for the homeless meant that there were an AWFUL lot of generous people that had hearts to give to people that they do not even know.


Now that makes for an awesome day.

And in the 10 minutes from the fumes and pee to my home, I realized that I had the choice to either celebrate those amazing gifts or continue to live in very silly misery.

Thankfully, by the time I pulled through the gate into our home, I realized that as stinky as I may have felt today to be—I had a home to enter, a shower to turn on, and kids to bathe…

And, if ANYTHING out of all of this is taken, it is that through the grime I REALLY saw my blessings.

I pray the same for you!

xo for your vomit-filled, pee-soaked, vapor-fumes blessed, blessed day!




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